Geek+: accelerating smart logistics

By Sean Galea-Pace
Geek+ is a global technology company specialising in smart logistics, Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at the organisation...

Geek+ applies advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to create solutions for warehouse and factory operations.

Due to the rise of e-commerce and the demand for increased flexible movement of goods, warehouse and manufacturing operators are faced with growing complex production and logistic challenges. The importance of speed, product diversification, same-day delivery, volume and safety are all high on the priority list from companies from a wide range of industries, and so Geek+ was created to meet those challenges head-on.

Operating with a vision to create a fully automated and intelligent supply chain globally, Geek+ makes logistics affordable, efficient, flexible, safe and agile. The company offers a range of different solutions to meet all demands. There is a P series (picking), S series (sorting), C series (bin-to-person picking), M series (moving), F series (forklift) and A series (collaborative picking). 

Geek+ offers its customers a professional software system deeply adapted to the industry with full coverage of Robot Management System, Intelligent Warehouse Execution System, Data Platform, simulation platform, algorithm library, and highly modular and flexible interface platform API and SDK. These robust systems make it easier for customers to use and integrate.

Smart Factory

The Geek+ Smart Factory system replaces the traditional conveyor belt system with a new “island production mode” of AMR. This new model can be easily introduced to manufacturing facilities globally and customised to meet various production and industrial scenarios.

The system leverages IoT, 5G technology, edge computing and MES, being able to guide, initiate, respond and report with real-time and accurate information.

Upon the launch of the world’s first bin-to-person robot, Yong Zheng, founder and CEO of Geek+, said: “Our R&D team is constantly pushing boundaries to develop the most advanced AMRs on the market, bringing our customers significant added value and transforming logistics operations. 

“Since its launch in 2015, the Geek+ picking system has led the industry with real and visible business returns for our customers. The new C200M picking robot will bring customers even more value by reducing warehouse rental costs and improving storage capacity to propel long-term development of enterprises and realize flexible, smart upgrades.”

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