DHL launches SmarTrucking in India

By Catherine Sturman
Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL), has launched its DHL SmarTrucking solution across an extensive linehaul express road network in India. The solution w...

Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL), has launched its DHL SmarTrucking solution across an extensive linehaul express road network in India.

The solution will seek to accelerate the development of technology-enabled logistics solutions, under the Group’s board department, Corporate Incubations. CEO of DHL SmarTrucking, Neeraj Bansal, will be responsible for its growth across India.

“India is an incredibly important market for Deutsche Post DHL Group. Presently, road freight comprises the majority of the total freight movement and is the largest transportation segment in India,” explained Juergen Gerdes, Board Member for Corporate Incubations, Deutsche Post DHL Group.

“With greater efficiency from DHL SmarTrucking, we expect to transport 100,000 tonnes of cargo and cover a distance of approximately 4mn kilometres across India daily.”

DHL’s increased interest in the digital trucking market will see the company undertake a three-month pilot which will encompass the utilisation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology across its fleet, which will provide further data-driven insights to enhance route optimisation across its operations.

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Trucking accounts for up to 60% of India’s annual freight volumes, The Load Star has reported, with the emergence of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) also playing a key role within India’s trucking revolution.

Through the use of this technology, transit times can be reduced by up to 50% in comparison with traditional trucking processes, and provides over 95% reliability with ease of use, end-to-end consignment visibility, temperature-controlled capabilities and real-time tracking. 

IoT-enabled sensors will also deliver real-time temperature and consignment tracking. Information alerts and status updates are sent to customers and DHL SmarTrucking’s operations teams through the customer portal and external and internal mobile applications. 

“This transportation model not only helps optimise efficiency but also reduces fatigue among drivers,” added Malcolm Monteiro, CEO, DHL eCommerce India.

“Additionally, with the demand for temperature-controlled transportation in India estimated to grow at 15% per annum from 2016 to 2020, DHL SmarTrucking allows our customers in India to scale up and streamline their business operations to meet consumers’ needs.” 

Such solutions are growing in demand across a multitude of sectors – from automotive, dairy and e-commerce, to packaged foods, pharmaceuticals and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) industries. 



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