Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals to help firms protect against cyber-attacks

By James Henderson
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has partnered with TSC Advantage to address the increasing cybersecurity risks to companies...

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has partnered with TSC Advantage to address the increasing cybersecurity risks to companies.

A looming threat of cyber-attack has been compounded by the growing move to digital solutions and resulting third-party access to corporate assets.

To address the threat CSCMP members may take part in a free pilot program to use the TSC Advantage Secure Halo platform to assess the security posture of up to 10 current or potential suppliers/vendors.

Secure Halo’s online platform and dashboard displays views of cyber risk by individual supplier or across a portfolio of companies. It shows security vulnerabilities by control and provides prioritized recommendations.

“No organisation understands the challenges and emerging issues facing today’s supply chain management professionals better than CSCMP,” said Sean Doherty, president and founder of TSC Advantage.

“We’re very excited to partner with CSCMP to offer cybersecurity education and a program to support those who are making supply chain and vendor management part of their overall enterprise security program.”

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Chris Adderton, Vice President, CSCMP, commented: “Technology has introduced new and complex security risks that supply chain professionals must be aware of. This partnership provides the opportunity to raise awareness and understanding around cyber risks, and we are excited to partner with TSC Advantage to offer education and solutions.”

In a statement, CSCMP said that as supply chain management changes, numerous regulators now require companies of all sizes to demonstrate third party cyber risk management through board and executive involvement, hiring a designated security officer, independent assessment of supply chain governance, and routine monitoring of vendor/supplier security.


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