Content round-up: Supply chain analysis and insight

By Sean Ashcroft
From the week's top supply chain and procurement appointments to Teflon Tesla and the art of managing risk - we have every aspect of supply covered

Digital twins help avert nightmare scenarios

Supply chains face an ever-increasing threat from cyberattacks, and digital-twin tech is in the frontline of the battle against the hackers.

P2P software not a silver bullet for maverick spend

Maverick spend is endemic, and it’s costing business dear. P2P software can help control it but works best when part of a joined-up procurement strategy.

Into the unknown: managing risk to avoid disruption

The pandemic, the Suez blockage, erupting volcanos - how can businesses protect themselves against such catastrophic ‘unknown’ risks?

News analysis: Is pandemic killing just-in-time supply?

Just in time - or 'lean' - manufacturing is under threat from pandemic disruptions, a survey claims. But is JIT supply doomed, or merely evolving?

News analalysis: How buoyant Tesla is defying global chip shortage

The global microprocessor shortage has hobbled traditional auto makers, and yet Tesla continues to enjoy record output. So how has Elon Musk done it?

Top 10: Supply chain innovators through history

Shipping containers, the barcode, mass production, lean manufacturing - all of them changed supply forever, and here we salute the men who gave us them.

This week's supply chain and procurement appointments

Efficio, H&Z Consulting and Future Meats are among the businesses to make important supply chain and procurement appointments this week.

5 Minutes With: AJ Thompson, CCO, Northdoor

Northdoor is an IT consultancy whose focus is to help businesses wring maximum value from data.AJ Thompson talks all things cyber.

5 Minutes With: Ellen Boehm, VP of IoT Strategy, Keyfactor

Keyfactor offers cloud-based crypto-agility solutions that help security teams run enterprise-wide keys and certificates. Ellen Boehm offers insight into this, and her career to date.

Singapore retains title as world's busiest container port

Singapore remains in pole position as the world's busiest container transhipment port. Figures released on Twitter by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore reveal the port handled a total of 37.5 million TEU in 2021 - up 1.6% on the 2020 figure. 



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