Airbus selects Icertis for digital transformation of its supply chain

By Marcus Lawrence
Bellevue-based Icertis announced on 17 October that it has been selected by Airbus to implement its digital transformation solutions across the aerospac...

Bellevue-based Icertis announced on 17 October that it has been selected by Airbus to implement its digital transformation solutions across the aerospace manufacturer’s global supply chain

The firm, a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise contract management, will leverage the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform and the ICM Sourcing application to develop Airbus’s source-to-contract solution across its various divisions.

Icertis has the capacity to consolidate Airbus’s wealth of sales and procurement contracts into a single platform, “fostering end-to-end integration and breaking silos” according to its statement.

In the firm’s press release, Icertis said that Airbus will also benefit from the digital optimization of vendor relationships, the acceleration of commercial negotiations, and improved compliance.

Airbus works with over 12,000 direct suppliers, necessitating a solution provider that can swiftly and smoothly integrate its software into existing procurement systems.

Icertis said it has been specifically selected as a result of its demonstrable success in the rapid worldwide implementation of its digital transformation solutions across myriad industries, with a focus on ease of use and configuration.

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Klaus Richter, Airbus CPO, said:

“As Airbus strives to create a better connected, safer and more prosperous world, we needed a transformative approach to contracting that accelerates business velocity while improving compliance.” 

“The ICM platform and ICM Sourcing application will allow us to digitally transform our commercial foundation in the supply chain, ensuring best-in-class supplier evaluation, selection, contracting and collaboration – all while reducing supply chain risk.” 
Icertis CEO and co-founder, Samir Bodas, added:

“As iconic global companies like Airbus look to increase strategic agility through digitization, optimizing their commercial relationships is essential. 

“The ICM product portfolio consisting of the ICM Platform, ICM Apps, and ICM Experiences does exactly this by enabling businesses to connect their market opportunities with their supply chain more effectively – bridging one of the largest enterprise gaps of the digital age.”


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