May 17, 2020

GT Nexus enabling digital supply chain transformation at OCTAL

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Supply Chain Transformation
James Henderson
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OCTAL has leveraged GT Nexus to deliver a digital supply chain transformation
GT Nexus has supplied the world's largest integrated polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sheet and resin producer, OCTAL with a number of solutionsto enabl...

GT Nexus has supplied the world's largest integrated polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sheet and resin producer, OCTAL with a number of solutions to enable the firm’s digital supply chain transformation.

The capabilities provided by the GT Nexus platform support the export supply chain by optimising global logistics, planning and customer service.

OCTAL produces close to 1mn metric tonnes of bottle grade PET and DPET sheet annually from its facilities in Salalah in the south of Oman, Cincinnati (USA) and Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), and it ships worldwide to customers in over 75 countries.

“The delivery of an exceptional customer experience is critical to OCTAL's long-term success,” said Dennis Melgert, Director of Global Logistics and Supply Chain at OCTAL. 

“We are digitising our supply chain, so that accurate information drives decisions, efficiency and superior customer experience. With the GT Nexus cloud platform, we have visibility across our supply chain, which puts external and internal teams on the same page to deliver increased customer value."


The Infor GT Nexus Commerce Network serves as the central global supply chain information source for OCTAL, connecting supply chain partners, IT systems and internal operational teams to process control applications, documents, and event alerts. 

Logistics teams can move product more efficiently, and customer service teams use the same information to keep customers informed about critical material flow that will keep their production lines moving.

OCTAL personnel can plan, execute, monitor and measure supply chain activities with a range of business applications on the Infor GT Nexus platform. Application capabilities include:

  • Supply chain visibility into shipment flows, with related commercial documents and freight rates, partner activity, lane capacity, and logistics events
  • Global logistics sourcing to procure and optimise purchased transportation for ideal lead times and cost-service combinations
  • Planning system integration, which provides ERP systems with real-time data about what's actually happening across the global supply chain

The Infor GT Nexus platform was selected by OCTAL in 2015 and has been in production use there for more than two years.  OCTAL is now extending the capability footprint through additional products and broader integration with OCTAL operational systems.

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