Ryder announced as exclusive distributor of Chanje’s electric cargo trucks

By Jonathan Dyble
Transportation and supply chain operator Ryder has announced a partnership with electric vehicle and energy services company Chanje as the company’s e...

Transportation and supply chain operator Ryder has announced a partnership with electric vehicle and energy services company Chanje as the company’s exclusive sales channel and service provider.

Ryder has placed its first order of Chanje trucks to be distributed to its outlets across the US, with the view of these becoming available for both industrial and commercial lease in the coming weeks.

“We believe electric vehicles will play a major role in the future of commercial transportation and we are proud to partner with Chanje to bring an all-electric medium duty vehicle to market,” said President of Global Fleet Management Solutions for Ryder, Dennis Cooke.

“Through our strategic partnership, Ryder and Chanje will collaborate to promote energy efficiency and innovation in the industry.

“Chanje offers an innovative product that will help reshape the industry by making commercial electric vehicles more affordable, reliable, and accessible.”

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Chanje, based in Los Angeles, is North America’s first firm that offers large scale fleets of electric medium duty trucks, with features of its vehicles including a leading class cargo capacity, able to carry 6,000 pounds, and zero exhaust emissions.

“As we bring commercial electric mobility to American fleets at a meaningful scale for the first time in history, we need the right partner who can provide the breadth and expertise required to accelerate the entry of these vehicles into the market,” said Bryan Hansel, founder & CEO of Chanje, expressing his contentment with the partnership.

“Ryder’s mission to provide flexible fleet management solutions and make commercial transportation more efficient directly aligns with our vision.

“We know Chanje can rely on Ryder to meet the unique service requirements of electric vehicles, as Ryder’s expertise and reach in terms of commercial vehicle solutions is ideal for the rapid adoption of electric trucks.”

The vehicles have been designed with highly populated urban areas in mind, where there is a growing concern over both exhaust and noise emissions of city traffic.

It is reported that replacing just one diesel truck with a Chanje electric vehicle could be as valuable as planting 20 acres of forest in terms of reducing CO2 emissions.


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