May 17, 2020

New daily routes to Germany launched from Europa Worlwide central hub

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Dan Cook, Director of Operations at Europa Worldwide Group
Europa Road, a division of independent logistics operator, Europa Worldwide Group, has launched two new daily services between the UK and Rothlein, and...

Europa Road, a division of independent logistics operator, Europa Worldwide Group, has launched two new daily services between the UK and Rothlein, and the UK and Ense in Germany, as part of its strategic programme of investment to enhance its new 1hub.

Launched in August, Europa now centralises all of its European road freight at 1hub, the UK’s largest European groupage hub, located at its £30million Dartford site. With 1hub Europa is able to optimise cost levels within the business and deliver a highly competitive model for customers.

Each operating five times per week, the new routes to Rothlein and Ense were implemented in response to growing volumes to and from of Germany. Year-on-year, Europa has seen an 11.3 per cent increase in German export consignments and a 7 per cent increase on imports, already in 2015.

Europa has invested in its routes to Germany more than any other destination, with successful daily routes already established connecting Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. The new routes are the latest of a number of improved European service offerings being developed throughout the year with new strategic independent partners.  

Europa’s new route to Ense has been launched in partnership with the Nordic Transport Group (NTG), which comprises over 30 Danish and European transport companies. Schaeflein Spedition, a transport business which has been established for more than 75 years, is Europa’s partner of choice for its Rothlein route. Both new routes will be serviced by double manned trucks operating on a round trip basis between Europa’s 1hub in Dartford, UK and the partner terminals in Ense and Rothlein.

Dan Cook, Operations Director Europa Road, said: “The German market is strong which is why we are committed to ongoing investment there. We now operate five different daily routes to Germany and as such we are able to reduce final mile costs for our customers and offer a more reliable, flexible and frequent service.

“There is massive opportunity for us to become one of the leading operators in the market and in spite of the exchange rate which makes UK goods more expensive, we have seen hugely encouraging growth in volumes out of Germany. Rothlein and Ense have been identified as target destinations for Europa because of the strong partnerships we have built and the huge potential they can bring for our customers.”

Europa’s ambition is to continue enhancing its daily services and network structure in order to expand its footprint on the continent and provide its customers with access to the most effective routes for their business.

A market leader in European express freight services between the UK and Europe for almost 50 years, Europa Worldwide Group employs more than 500 people across 12 sites in the UK and Hong Kong and is represented in 100 countries. 

As well as its successful road freight operation, Europa also provides specialist air and sea, warehouse and showfreight services.

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Jun 22, 2021

ASCM: Supply chain pay gap closes in under 40s

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Women under 40 in supply chain now earn more than men, according to ASCM’s 2021 salary and career report, though POC and older women still face imbalance

The pay gap between men and women working in supply chain under the age of 40 has finally reached parity, according to the Association for Supply Chain Management’s latest annual Supply Chain Salary and Career Report

The gender pay gap in this age group had been narrowing over the past two years, the ASCM’s previous surveys show, and in 2021 has closed entirely. Women report a median salary of $81,000 annually, while men earn a median annual salary of $79,000. Across all age brackets, men report a median salary of $82,000 and women $80,000.

Other highlights from the ASCM report

  • 95% of supply chain professionals kept their job through the pandemic
  • The typical starting salary for a supply chain professional is $60,000
  • 48% of supply chain professionals now work from home
  • 88% of survey respondents find supply chain a fulfilling career path


But there is still work to be done in closing the divide in those over the age of 40. Older men are still earning far more than their female peers, with a discrepancy of between $12,000 and $23,000 annually. ASCM’s report does not definitively conclude why this disparity remains, but says women who began their careers several decades ago may have started out on lower salaries. They may also have missed out on steady wage increases and career development after taking time away from work to have and raise families. 

It is also likely that the pay gap in over 40s is affected by a lack of women in executive leadership positions. A recent Gartner study found that, while women now represent 41% of the supply chain workforce - a five year high - only 15% of executive level positions are held by women. That figure is a decline of two per cent on 2020. 

ASCM 2021 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report
Source: ASCM 2021 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report

Supply chain’s racial pay gap remains

For the first time, ASCM’s annual survey also looked into the pay gap between ethnicities, finding that the median salary for black professionals was 12% less than their white peers, and Latinos earned on average 14% less. That represents a divide of between $9,000 and &10,000 in real terms. Asian professionals earned a median salary of $80,000, compared with the $83,000 for white professionals. 

Abe Eshkenazi, the ASCM chief executive, said reporting on and acknowledging lingering wage disparity was not enough: “Supply chain organisations must lead the way by creating environment where diverse talent is valued, included and developed. The need for supply chain professionals has never been greater, so now is the time to expand the aperture to include diversity of thought, influence and input — particularly for women and people of colour.”    

Read the full report: ASCM 2021 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report

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