Help consumers be sustainable, IBM's Hinish urges businesses

Sheri Hinish, IBM Executive Partner Sustainable Supply Chain, being interviewed by Supply Chain Digital Editor in Chief Sean Ashcroft at Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE, in April 2022.
Sheri Hinish, IBM Executive Partner Sustainable Supply Chain, being interviewed by Supply Chain Digital Editor in Chief Sean Ashcroft at Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE, in April 2022.
At Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE, IBM's Sheri Hinish discusses the barriers to environmental sustainability & how organisations help customers be green

April 2022, Procurement Magazine, Supply Chain Digital and Bizclik Media Group returned to the Tobacco Dock (London) to host our second Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE. 

Dubbed ‘The Risk & Resilience Conference’ the event featured keynotes, roundtables, Q&As, and 1-2-1s from inspirational and knowledgeable leaders in the procurement and supply chain space.

Sheri Hinish, Executive Partner, IBM Sustainable Supply Chain, Finance and Circularity, delivered a keynote on the barriers to environmental sustainability and how organisations can navigate them.

“Sustainability is not someone else's problem,” Hinish began. “More than 50% of CEOs believe that business leaders must take responsibility for the business impact on communities in which they operate.”

However, according to Hinish there is a gap when it comes to strategy leading to action. She said that while 86% of CEOs have a sustainability strategy, only 35% have acted on them. 

Explaining this fact, she said: "I think it's largely because it's really hard to operationalise bold sustainable development goals and make it real. We know that sustainability is good for business, it's good for the planet, but how you actually do that is a bit murky."

Sustainability must be embedded in decisions - Hinish

Hinish added: "There are a number of things driving this. We know that there's increased regulatory pressure. We know that technology has also been a barrier and that ROI has been a bit unclear. But when people actually make it real, they embed ESG in decision making."

She described such organisations as "Sustainability Trailblazers", adding: "They lead with purpose. They engage the supply chain, stakeholders, customers, and the associates that makes up the fabric of your enterprise. And that's when magic things happen."

Asked how important it is that businesses help consumers make sustainable choices, Hinish said: "I think that the threat of transparency is really important. When you think about this through a supply chains lens, then they're the demand signal.

"It doesn't necessarily mean sharing every single detail, just giving folks the right information to make decisions that are sustainable, whether this is responsible sourcing, protecting human rights or that you're choosing a brand that is responsible in terms of carbon emissions reduction. That is giving people the right information to fundamentally be connected to something bigger than themselves."

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