Biomass replaces coal at Hindustan Unilever Limited

By Helen Adams
By working with local farmers, Hindustan Unilever Limited has embraced biofuel and eliminated coal from its operations

The use of coal in the operations of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) has been replaced with biomass and biodiesel. 

The company has worked with biomass suppliers and local farmers to ensure a sustainable supply of green fuel for its operations. 


Moving towards 100% renewable energy across the business

Five years ago, Unilever started to reduce its use of coal across its manufacturing operations. 

Since 2019, HUL’s manufacturing units have been operating on 100% renewable grid electricity, using:

  • On-site solar generation
  • Offsite solar and wind generation
  • Hydro based grid power purchase


Zero emissions in operations by 2030

The move from coal to biomass and biofuel will further encourage HUL’s desire to ensure 100% of energy across its operations comes from renewable sources

“This is a milestone achievement in our Compass journey and our commitment towards achieving zero emissions in our operations by 2030”, said Sanjiv Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director, HUL. “As a Company, we have always strived to be people and planet positive and firmly believe that responsible business is the only way forward.”

“I’m delighted that we could move our new factories from our GSK acquisition into renewable energy usage quickly”, said Willem Uijen, Executive Director Supply Chain, HUL. “The impact of this transition not only increases HUL’s green footprint but also improves the quality of air around its factories and enhances the income of farmers through the buying of biomass.”


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