UST co-hosts webinar on risk and resilience in supply chain

UST's Jonathan Colehower & procurement guru David Loseby to share insight into deploying tech to avert supply chain risk and gain visibility

A webinar on risk and resilience in the supply chain is being co-hosted by supply chain specialist UST and BizClik Media Group.

Until the pandemic, value chains had been growing in length and complexity, as companies saw supply as a source of cost savings, mainly through cheap labour. 

As a result, from the 1980s onwards there was a sizable shift in manufacturing and production away from the West and towards the East.

But the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Wave after wave of lockdowns - combined with stratospherically high levels of e-commerce - saw supply chains overheat. Congested ports and a chronic shortage of container capacity caused shipping costs to soar, and all of these problems are ongoing.

The pandemic also caused a societal factory reset, prompting people to re-evaluate what is important to them. This has resulted in the Great Resignation, and supply chains have been especially badly hit, because haulage and warehousing are two areas in which recruitment and labour retention have never been more challenging.

Now there is war in Ukraine, which is disrupting the supply of energy, cereal crops and microprocessors and is sending us into an even steeper inflationary spiral.

In this webinar - presented by digital transformation solutions provider UST, and Supply Chain Digital - participants will gain key insights from industry experts into:

● The role of IoT and big data

● How to implement agile supply chains

● Supply chain transparency

● The full impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain, and the 'new normal'

The speakers are Jonathan Colehower, Global Supply Chain Strategy Practice Lead at UST, and David Loseby, a consultant with Aquitaine Strategy.

Colehower has deep supply chain expertise and extensive strategy consulting experience. For 20 years, he has focused on management consulting, with McKinsey and Accenture, and also has deep experience in application software. While at Oracle, he led its supply chain sales and marketing organisation. 

His core experience includes product design, sourcing, supply chain planning, network design, warehouse management and transportation management.

Loseby, meanwhile, has 30 years’ experience at senior executive and director level, driving value and change through procurement, organisational transformation and change management.

He has worked in both the private and public sectors including pharmaceuticals, banking, FMCG, manufacturing, consulting, retail, aerospace & defence, venture capital, healthcare (NHS) and local government.

The event will be hosted by Scott Birch, Chief Content Officer at BizClik Media Group. Birch is a creative media professional with 25 years experience in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

The webinar takes place on Thursday, May 19 at 1:00pm GMT.

UST's Jonathan Colehower being interviewed by Supply Chain Digital Editor, Sean Ashcroft.
David Loseby, of Aquitaine Strategy.

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