May 17, 2020

Top Packaging Solutions

Freddie Pierce
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The supply chain industry is always calling for packaging solutions that meet the changing needs of the consumer. Transporting goods, whether thats chil...
The supply chain industry is always calling for packaging solutions that meet the changing needs of the consumer. Transporting goods, whether that’s chilled food, bulk products or fragile packages, requires innovative designs. Increasingly, packaging specialists are also having to meet environmental regulations and find sustainable solutions to reduce waste and improve efficiency.
Supply Chain Digital profiles some of the most modern designs on the market, from packaging manufacturers who are pioneering groundbreaking products.

LINPAC Allibert Innovation
Packaging leader LINPAC Allibert specialises in the development of returnable transit packaging. It has brought some of the most innovative designs in the industry to market. In fact, it was the first manufacturer to install steel bars into plastic pallets in order to increase the fork entry width and the mechanical strength of the pallet. Other designs include:
  • Maxinest – these containers were developed specifically for the food and grocery supply chain. LINPAC worked in consultation with major retailers, closely observing food in transit. The range includes 11 variants and fits with all standard distribution and display cabinet arrangements. It works with the latest filling, weighing, handling and pallet storage methods.
  • Pallet collar – the polypropylene pallet collar transforms a wooden or plastic pallet into a bulk container. It is designed to provide extra protection for valuable and delicate goods, and also saves the time and cost of stretchwrap, thereby reducing waste.

With over 30 years’ experience in the polypropylene plastic packaging industry, Tri-Pack Plastics designs and manufactures packaging solutions for a range of markets, including chilled foods.
  • Coolseal – the latest development from Tri-Pack, it is designed for use in chilled distribution and uses thermal insulation. Its patented manufacturing process means that the edge of every pack is sealed, trapping air inside, which acts in a similar way to double glazing, according to the company. By restricting the flow of temperature, chilled goods such as fish, remain chilled. The boxes themselves are constructed from lightweight polypropylene – a material that is easily recycled.

International Paper’s bulk packaging is designed for the transportation of large volumes of goods. As well as transit packaging, the company also provides shelf-ready packaging solutions and packaging for fruit and vegetables.
  • Vitabox – The Vitabox is a lightweight and cost effective alternative to traditional wooden pallet containers. International Paper produces boxes using renewable resources – virgin fibres from sustainably managed forests. This is the ultimate green packaging solution as the Vitabox is 100 percent recyclable and fully biodegradable.
  • Octabins – For bulk and loose products, and heavy duty packaging, the Octabins can be utilised in place of metal, plastic or bulk wood packages.

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