Supply Chains Can No Longer Wait for the Next Big Thing

Big Ideas in Supply Chain from Kinaxis gave insight into the challenges of the supply chain industry and the changes in policies and legislation

Supply chain disruption is pervasive in today’s world, from climate change to government policy shifts, supply shortages, demand spikes and logistics challenges. Chances are you have navigated your supply chain through at least one of these hurdles this year, and if you have, you’ve reckoned with planning hurdles. Gone are the days of siloed, legacy approaches when teams could spend weeks passing around spreadsheets and developing the “perfect” strategy. Today, the key to success in a fast-moving world is to have the agility to respond to daily challenges while still navigating towards a successful future – and to build the planning supply chain planning capabilities that unlock that agility in record time!

Luckily, it has never been faster and easier to achieve, no matter what your planning capabilities are today. Leading supply chain innovators have adopted concurrent processes to streamline planning, achieve strategic objectives and advance purpose-driven business practices. With Kinaxis RapidStart, the fastest in-production go-live on the market, many have achieved advanced planning in 12 weeks or less.

At Big Ideas in Supply Chain, a virtual summit Kinaxis hosted this fall, supply chain professionals shared how they are ending siloed planning, increasing resiliency and driving sustainability.

You can watch sessions on-demand now, including:

  • Navigating your supply chain journey now, while planning for tomorrow with Kinaxis executives John Sicard and Anne Robinson
  • Supply chain sustainability is critical to a greener future with experts from Cisco, Microsoft, OPTEL Group, and Cranfield University
  • Lighting the way and leading the pack in supply chain innovation: Schneider Electric’s autonomous planning journey with Olivier Redon, Schneider Electric
  • Managing day-to-day events and disruptions with advanced planning with Ruth Abbott, Kinaxis
  • From theory to practice and back: A new perspective on the future of supply chain with industry thought leader Kevin O’Marah
  • Atomic Habits: How to get 1% better every day with New York Times bestselling author James Clear

On demand videos can be found at


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