Streamlining Warehouse Functions

By Freddie Pierce
Warehousing is just one of many links in the supply chain and it can be a complex part of the entire chain. The warehouse is where all goods are stored...


  • Oracle WMS offers rules-based directed putaway and slotting capabilities. These minimize storage fragmentation, enforce hazardous material rules and reduce obsolescence.
  • Oracle WMS also recommends optimal storage bins for order fulfillment. The system offers Push and Pull based replenishment to enable warehouses to efficiently pick a high volume of order lines.
  • It can identify cross-docking opportunities in the warehouse by matching expected receipts with outbound shipments and manufacturing component requirements.
  • The system provides out of the box support for RFID and EPC technology. Oracle WMS also offers the framework in which to automate any warehouse transaction via RFID.

  • Slotting optimization is also a key feature of Manhattan Associates’ management system, helping to shorten fulfilment cycles and use warehouse space more effectively.
  • The system can coordinate the entire fulfillment cycle inside and outside of the warehouse using distributed order management.
  • Its transportation lifecycle management is another feature of the company’s warehouse management system. It manages shipments to and from the warehouse.
  • Manhattan Associates’ Supplier Enablement is an online portal that opens up the lines of communication with suppliers, speeding up time to market and reducing errors.

  • Infor’s warehouse management capabilities include inventory management, which collates multiple unites of measure, lot control and catch weights to improve inventory accuracy.
  • Its cross-docking function allows flow-thru, transhipment and opportunistic process capabilities.
  • Infor also has a range of value added services that include deferred manufacturing, preparation of store-ready pallets, light assembly and kitting.
  • Voice-directed picking is another key feature of Infor’s system. It offers voice-enabling order selection, replenishments, put-aways and transfers to improve productivity and accuracy.


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