May 17, 2020

The Specialist Top 5 Racking Systems

Freddie Pierce
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Invicta racking system


Storax Racking Systems has been providing storage solutions to warehouses for over 40 years, so it is rather an expert in t...


Storax Racking Systems has been providing storage solutions to warehouses for over 40 years, so it is rather an expert in the field. It specializes in high density storage that can be tailored to individual customers’ needs. Many of its solutions are ideally designed for cold stores, distribution centers and manufacturing sites.

• Storax ranger — The Storax ranger system is one of its newest racking systems, and also one of the company’s most innovative solutions. The high density system works by moving pallets inside tunnels by a shuttle which, in turn, is operated by remote control. Equipped with photocells, it positions the shuttle under the pallet.
Loading pallets into the tunnels can be done easily with a conventional reach-truck. Then, once the pallets have been loaded, the shuttle works independently to marshal them into place.

Uses: This system is used in particular for cold stores. The company claims it is ideal for the rapid offloading of bulk transporters.


With over half a century of experience in the racking industry, Link 51 has developed some of the most widely-used systems on the market today. Its XL racking has been designed for durability and operational reliability. Its choice of frames and beams means that racking systems can be configured to precise requirements, such as load volume, weight and accessibility.

• Tesco pallet racking — Link 51 completed a pallet racking installation at Tesco’s new distribution center in March this year. In fact, it was one of the largest installations of its kind undertaken by the company.

The racking was designed specifically for the non-food storage area which required more than 56,000 pallet positions. It provided seven levels of storage across 69 aisles. The layout has a top beam height of 12.5 meters.

Uses: For the storage of non-food items, including individual electrical, home ware and cook shop lines.


The company specializes in bespoke fit out solutions for its customers across a range of sectors. This means it is not restricted by specific racking systems, which has seen it acquire a reputation for excellence in the warehouse and industrial storage market. It serves a range of industries with a variety of storage solutions, including medical storage, office storage and builders merchants.

Narrow aisle racking..
Thistle Systems Group applied its narrow aisle racking solution to Harper Collins’ UK distribution center. The system had over 3,500 pallet positions and was designed to work in conjunction with the existing system. That is accessed via man-up forklift trucks which can store and retrieve entire pallets

One of the features of its narrow aisle solution was a guide rail system at the base of the racking. 8 meter high anti-collapse mesh panels provide a safe environment
for employees.

Uses: For the storage of publications.


The largest independent storage solution provider in the UK, Warehouse Systems Ltd (WSL) has built up over 20 years of expertise in this field. Its speciality is in-house mezzanine design and manufacturing.

• Mobile racking — This is a system whereby pallet racks are mounted on mobile bases. In turn, these travel on tracks laid into the floor. WSL’s solution is able to move as individual aisles or entire sections. The company boasts that this is one of the most effective uses of warehouse space.

Uses: For cold stores and where space is at a premium.


As experts in warehouse pallet racking, Invicta has cemented itself firmly in the racking sector. Its industry competitive offering includes wide aisle, narrow aisle, drive-in, push back, multi-tier and double deep. In addition, Invicta provides several options and accessories.

• Cantilever Racking System — Its cantilever racking is available in both single and double-sided formats and is designed for the storage of long and heavy items such as timber and metal. Invicta can supply the system with adjustable cantilever arms for increased flexibility, and can even add accessories that cater for different sized products.

Uses: Ideally used for storing and stacking heavy items and is suitable for even the most arduous environments.

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