SCGP & Go-Pak: A Multinational Match Made in Modernity

By Sam Scane
SCG Packaging and Go-Pak are reaching for sustainable global packaging solutions together...

Promising that it’s very much ‘business as usual’, Go-Pak has been acquired by SCG Packaging (SCGP), the Thailand-based total packaging solution provider, and have maintained that their current management, operations, customers and identity will not change, s relief no doubt for the turbulent world of 2020. 

SCGP, established in 1975, has been somewhat of a rising star across South East Asia, offering integrated packaging solutions with a variety of innovative products and services, ranging from smart packaging to waste paper purchase services. 

Go-Pak, founded in 2009, is the UK’s fastest-growing privately-owned supplier of food and service packaging, offering an entirely compostable and biodegradable product range, as well as supporting big brands like Greggs, Starbucks and Pret A Manger, to name a few. 

The acquisition comes as no surprise when you view the company’s capabilities alone, and the support they can provide each other, coupled with an expanded global reach and the shared vision of sustainability being the focus of future endeavours, 

Simon Lawley, the founder of Go-Pak, noted on such a powerful union: “Go-Pak has found the perfect home in joining together with SCG Packaging. Go-Pak has achieved so much as an independently-owned business over the past 11 years. It has been a great journey so far, and our growth strategy and potential will continue to flourish as part of the SCG family. Not only does this make Go-Pak stronger, but it will also allow the business to maximise its full potential as part of SCG Packaging.”

Wichan Jiptukdee, CEO of SCGP, shared Lawley’s optimism: “We are extremely pleased to collaborate with Go-Pak, our new partner with whom we look forward to working together to grow in the European market as well as expand the business in the United States, as we plan to build upon this impressive platform and strong B2B2C focus. We welcome their knowledge, flexibility and creativity to our business.”


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