Rx-360 expands global supply chain initiatives in healthcare

By Helen Adams
In order to support supply chain security, international pharmaceutical consortium Rx-360 has broadened its worldwide initiatives

Global pharmaceutical consortium Rx-360 has launched an expansion of its focus on international initiatives, to support its supply chain security.

Rx-360 will now offer its members geographically focused groups in the following regions:

  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • India
  • Europe

Founded in Philadelphia, USA, in 2009, Rx-360’s goal is to ‘protect patient safety, by sharing information and developing processes related to the integrity of the healthcare supply chain’. 

Through Rx-360, pharmaceutical companies and suppliers work toRx-360gether to maintain the security of their supply chains. 


Sharing vital supply chain data information

Over the past 18 months, the general public has developed a strong understanding of the supply chain and how it impacts healthcare. 

The Rx-360 consortium maintains four functions, which have supported it over this chaotic period: 

  • Rx-360 will identify the best available standards to allow consortium members to adopt best practices - and quickly 
  • The consortium processes vital supply chain information, reporting suspicious events and developing solutions 
  • To detect and prevent tampering within the supply chain
  • Ensuring thorough audits are carried out and findings shared, allowing corrective actions to be made


Maintaining security in the supply chain

"Rx-360 as an international consortium, has as a foundational goal to ensure the security of the pharmaceutical supply chain”, said Jim Fries, CEO of Rx-360. “Being able to offer robust member groups in multiple international regions supports and drives our mission. This important step by our members illustrates this profound commitment to sharing ideas and thereby ensuring patient safety."

"With globalisation of distribution for both drug components and finished products, the levels of complexity and threats become an ever-increasing challenge”, said Scott Kammer, an Rx-360 Board Member and Secretary and Head of Global Product Protection and Commercial Quality for Takeda Pharmaceutical, Inc. “We cannot work in a vacuum. Participation across the end-to-end supply chain needs focused attention from both the industry and its regulators. Our goal is to expand knowledge, educate others, and partner with all members of the industry as well as regulators across the globe to seek innovative solutions."

Next month, Rx-360's December Annual Members Meeting will see over 70 companies meet to discuss the various successes from 2021 across pharmaceutical supply chain security, quality and patient safety.


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