PINC: The Rise of the Digital Yard

By Oliver Freeman
PINC is hosting their 2020 State Of Yard Management Report, researched and designed by Adelante SCM’s analyst, Adrian Gonzalez...

PINC, a provider of advanced yard management systems will be hosting their 2020 State Of Yard Management Report, centred around ‘The Impact Of Digital Yard Management on Enterprise Transportation Costs and Capacity’, on Wednesday, October 28th. 

The report, researched and perfected by Adrian Gonzalez, President and Analyst of Adelante SCM looks to bring clarity to key industry questions like “how important is having digital yard management capabilities in helping you achieve transportation objectives?” 

And “how much do you estimate you would save annually in overall transportation costs by digitising your yard operations across the network?” 

These questions are prominent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced companies and manufacturers to adopt agile, flexible, and quick-response systems to ensure supply chain resilience in an increasingly volatile climate. 

As the world emerges from its recent adversity, so too must the manufacturers and logistics organisations that supply the world with the goods and services that we have become accustomed to. The norms and values of yesteryear will be a part of the, seemingly, distant-past, and our supply chain stalwarts must adapt to new demands and expectations ─ it’ll be tough. 

There’ll be several challenges to face with growing uncertainty among consumers and customers, unstable freight capacity, and ever-changing guidance from the government and global health bodies. There is a force fighting back against the perils of COVID-19, however. Trailer and container yards at distribution centres and manufacturing plants have been playing, and continue to play a vital role as mechanisms to expedite shipments, support corporate sustainability goals, and reduce costs, even in the face of adversity. 

At the enterprise level, logistics executives are looking for ways to automatically optimise the flow of goods into and out of their facilities and to efficiently manage yard capacities, trailer pool availability, yard service providers, transportation contracts, and accessorial charges from an enterprise perspective.

"Across virtually all industries, transportation represents the lion's share of distribution costs. According to an industry-leading consulting firm, transportation costs range from 60% of total distribution costs for High Tech companies to 88% for Food & Beverage companies. Therefore, compared with transportation and warehousing costs, it is easy to see why investing in digitising yard management operations has not been a priority for CEOs, CFOs, and even supply chain executives," said Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM and lead researcher. 

"There are many factors that influence transportation costs, but there is one that many companies overlook: the link between yard management, driver detention, and freight rates."

Renowned industry analyst Adrian Gonzalez and PINC’s CEO, Matt Yearling, will review the report’s results during the online event and will bring insights into what industry-leading companies are doing to gain agility and reduce transportation costs during one of the most challenging years of the century.

"The Impact Of Digital Yard Management on Enterprise Costs and Capacity" on Tuesday, October 28th at 12 p.m. PDT.


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