Meet the speakers: UST Supply Chain Lead, Jonathan Colehower

Meet Jonathan Colehower, the Global Supply Chain Strategy Practice Lead at UST. Colehower will be speaking on Day 1 of Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE

In Brief

Name: Jonathan Colehower

Company: UST

Position: Global Supply Chain Strategy Practice Lead

Year joined: 2021

Attending Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE: Day 1 - 28th April

Who is Jonathan Colehower, the Global Supply Chain Strategy Practice Lead at UST?

Jonathan Colehower is a skilled executive with deep experience in operations and enterprise applications marketing and sales. 

Colehower has a track record of solving problems based on quantitative methods, insights and clear structure. He has also had success in transforming organisations, leaving a lasting impact through lean manufacturing, process design, enterprise software integration and performance management. 

Colehower’s career began in 1993 at Accenture as an Associate Partner formulating supply chain strategies to impact shareholder value. Since then, Colehower has worked for the likes of Oracle, Optiant, McKinsey, Manhattan Associates, CargoChain, and Desire Street Ministries before joining UST.

Who is UST?

Founded in 1999, UST is a digital transformation solutions provider. For more than 20 years, the company has worked with leading organisations to drive real change through transformation. 

Adopting a nimble and creative approach to business, UST works from start to finish with its customers to realise their visions. UST harnesses its talent and tools to develop disruptive solutions and provide resources to its customers. 

About Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE: The Risk & Resilience Conference

This year, sister publications Procurement Magazine and Supply Chain Digital are heading back to the Tobacco Dock (London, UK) to host Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE: The Risk & Resilience Conference

The two-day hybrid event will be held on the 27th and 28th of April 2022, in-person and broadcast live via our fully interactive virtual platform.

To attend in-person or virtually for Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE: Risk & Resilience, click here.

Across these two unmissable days, the agenda will include seven core themes:

  • Supply Chain Risk & Resilience 
  • Digital Procurement
  • Transformation 
  • Supply Chain Sustainability 
  • The Global Logistic Forum 
  • Supplier & Contract Management 
  • Digital Ecosystems

To explore the full agenda for Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE: Risk & Resilience, click here.


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