Lomotek reveals breakthrough African thermoplastics

By Freddie Pierce
Lomotek Polymers recently introduced their new range of LOMOTEX Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics to a select group of decision makers in the local...

Lomotek Polymers recently introduced their new range of LOMOTEX Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics to a select group of decision makers in the local plastics industry.

According to Wouter du Toit, Marketing and Communications Manager of the LOMOLD Group, these long fiber thermoplastics are available in sizes measuring between 10 and 25 millimeters, and are the first of their kind to be introduced to the South African market.   

“These fibers remain long throughout the molding process, tremendously increasing the tensile strength and impact properties of the manufactured product,” Du Toit says. “Once molded, these longer fibers form a grid like structure, virtually unbreakable, making them ideal for pallets, crates and other heavy-duty plastic products that go through rugged cycles.”

The technology employed to develop and manufacture these new generation LOMOTEX fibers was developed in-house by Lomotek Polymers, a plastics supplier to the South African and African market, which develops and markets technology, application and material solutions.  Lomotek Polymers (Pty) Ltd manufactures and sells specialized compounds for the rotomolding, compression and injection molding industry.

“Because the process enables the usage of very high performance materials at relatively low cost, it makes it the ideal for use in the world-renowned LOMOL Pallet – a product that doesn’t just merely match the shape and size of a traditional wooden pallet, but rather incorporates unique features and functionality in a one man lift GMA-specification pallet,” says Du Toit.


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Tests have shown that the LOMOLD pallet is capable of exceeding the specs of 1,250 kg in dynamic and racking capabilities that a traditional wooden pallet market has benchmarked to be the standard. All of this is due to the strength the longer fibers add to the product properties, while reducing weight to only 8.5 kg (compared to 25-40 kg of a wooden pallet).

Although the LOMOLDpallet will be the first and largest application locally using the LOMOTEX Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics, the product will soon be made available to other plastic manufacturers in selected markets.

 “We are excited and proud to finally launch LOMOTEX Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics to an appreciative South African market,” Du Toit said. “This product is the result of than 13 years of research and development and will revolutionize the plastic industry throughout the country and the rest of the African continent.”

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Edited by Kevin Scarpati


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