May 17, 2020

DHL Freight opens largest parcel hub in Czech Republic

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DHL expanding Czech Republic operations
Follow @JosephWilkesWDM · Professional Parcel logistics, a DHL Freight subsidiary, expands its parcel capabilities in Eastern Europe · In...

·         Professional Parcel logistics, a DHL Freight subsidiary, expands its parcel capabilities in Eastern Europe

·         Investment of 24.7 million Euros for state of the art facility capable of handling up to 18,000 parcels per hour

Professional Parcel Logistics (PPL), a subsidiary of DHL Freight, opened its new parcel hub in the Czech Republic recently.

The new facility is located in Rícany-Jazlovice and serves as the new central hub for parcel shipments and as a regional depot for the area east of Prague and Central Bohemia.

Stefano Arganese, Chief Executive Officer for DHL Freight Central Eastern Southern Europe and Americas, Middle East and Africa, said: "The need for a bigger and better parcel hub was driven by a continuous growth of B2B and B2C parcel shipments in recent years.

“The new capacity and the cutting edge sorting technology allow us to cope with the growing volume of shipments and strengthen our position as a market leader for fast shipments in the Czech Republic.”

The facility is situated in the logistically advantageous location Rícany-Jazlovice, very close to Highway D1.

Compared to the former hub, hourly capacity of sorted shipments rose from four thousand to fourteen thousand parcels per hour and even up to eighteen thousand shipments per hour when merged with the depot´s sorting technology.

There are over 190 loading and unloading ramps for trucks and vans available.

The roller conveyer reaches a length of almost 3 km with a maximum speed of 3 meters per second.

The total investment amounted to 24.7 million EUR for an area as big as 50,000 square meters, including 12,000 square meters of warehouses, depot buildings and administration.

By opening the new central hub, DHL Freight and PPL aim to offer their customers an even faster and more flexible and reliable service than ever.

Together with the broad range of products and services the new facility is supposed to significantly strengthen the company’s leading position on the parcel market.

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