Supply Chain Risk Management Articles


'Cloud manufacturing' securing supply chains - Infosys

Infosys Head for Manufacturing Europe Ruchir Budhwar on how cloud manufacturing is mitigating supply chain problems through visibility & control

Sayari: Enhancing Xinjiang Forced Labour Risk Assessments

Learn how to use Sayari Graph smart data to avoid costly non-compliance with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

GAINS: Navigating supply chain volatility with ACR

Jeff Metersky, GAINS’ VP of Solution Strategy, explores how better supply chain decisions are moving AmerCareRoyal forward

Strong supplier relations keep supply chains moving

It is hyper-connectivity with suppliers that brings resilience to supply chains, rather than super-lean, super fast operations


Moving manufacturing from China 'impossible for many'

e2open CEO Farlekas warns that many businesses looking to move production away from China face 'borderline impossible' logistical challenges

Intelligent Video and AI Services key in logistics success

Intelligent video and AI services are key to improved quality, happier customers, and ultimately higher margins in logistics-intensive companies


Panama Canal drought sees supply chain chaos warning

e2open and Everstream Analytics warn of supply chain chaos following ongoing drought problems afflicting key shipping route, the Panama Canal


How to create a vendor risk management programme

Managing risks with your external vendors is essential in a modern supply chain to make sure there is no negative impact on your business