Oct 1, 2020

Vizibl: Accelerating Supply Chain Sustainability

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Sean Galea-Pace
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Vizibl: Accelerating Supply Chain Sustainability
Vizibl has announced Vizibl Sustainability which helps firms collaborate on sustainability goals, unique projects and scale sustainability initiatives...

Confirmed at its inaugural COLLABORATE 2020 summit, Vizibl believes the new solution will allow for supplier collaboration at scale and enable organisations to align, engage and deliver on their sustainability programmes by working more efficiently with key suppliers throughout the global supply chain.

As a result of Vizibl Sustainability’s Relationship Management Capabilities, organisations can work with key suppliers, align on sustainability targets and foster closer relationships that achieve more for the business. This enables organisations to work out and categorise key supplier partners, develop account plans, define programme objectives and ownership and regularly review progress.

Mark Perera, founder and CEO of Vizibl, commented: “Right now, society and business have been forced into a very different modus operandi. The long-term consequences of COVID-19 are not clear as the readjustment continues, yet for supplier collaboration, the pandemic has clearly demonstrated the imperative for streamlining supplier ecosystems, challenging organisations to think differently about how they collaborate and how they must change direction at a moment’s notice.

“Likewise, it has put the spotlight on sustainability. Therefore, not only must supplier strategies now support wider business goals, but organisations must also demonstrate that they – and their supplier ecosystem – consider the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact on their operations and society as a whole, both now and in the future.”

By using Vizibl Workspace within the sustainability platform, organisations can engage and collaborate on unique ventures, communicate in real-time and drive sustainability programmes forward. Vizibl Workspace allows for collaboration to be made efficient as customers can then set up projects with multiple suppliers, determine key deliverables and host regular check-ins.

Alongside its sustainability solution, Vizibl will be integrating with EcoVadis. Based on a comprehensive methodology that covers 21 sustainability criteria across four themes, EcoVadis ratings and scorecards will allow customers to benchmark and track supplier performance on environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. In addition, organisations can qualify the right supplier collaborations and get better visibility into supply chain sustainability in order to deliver on their targets.

Since being founded in 2007, EcoVadis has become a renowned partner for procurement teams helping over 450 leading multinational firms where it is decreasing risk and accelerating sustainable innovation in more than 160 countries. Pierre-François Thaler, Co-Founder and Co-CEO for EcoVadis added: “Sustainability and ESG performance are quickly becoming the new benchmark for comparing organisations against their competitors. Innovation and resilience, fostered by sustainability, are how organisations and their supply chains will create value in a pandemic-ready, low-carbon future. We are delighted to be partnering with Vizibl on technology to help organisations more effectively transform sustainability performance into innovation and business value.”

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Jun 21, 2021

Pandora and IBM digitise jewellery supply chain

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Jewellery retailer Pandora teamed with IBM to streamline supply chains as sales of hand-finished jewellery doubled across ecommerce platforms

Pandora has overhauled its global supply chain in partnership with IBM amid an ecommerce sales boom for its hand-finished jewellery. 

The company found international success offering customisable charm bracelets and other personalised jewellery though its chain of bricks and mortar retail destinations. But in 2020, as the COVID-19 outbreak forced physical stores to close, Pandora strengthened its omnichannel operations and doubled online sales. 

A focus on customer experience included deploying IBM’s Sterling Order Management, increasing supply chain resiliency and safeguarding against disruption across the global value chain.

Pandora leverages IBM Sterling Order Management as the backbone it its omnichannel fulfilment, with Salesforce Commerce Cloud powering its ecommerce. Greater automation across its channels has boosted the jeweller’s sustainability credentials, IBM said, streamlining processes for more efficient delivery. It has also given in-store staff and virtual customer service representatives superior end-to-end visibility to better meet consumer needs. 

Jim Cruickshank, VP of Digital Development & Retail Technology, Pandora, said the digital transformation journey has brought “digital and store technology closer together and closer to the customer”, highlighting how important the customer journey remains, even during unprecedented disruption. 

"Our mission is about creating a personal experience and we've instituted massive platform changes with IBM Sterling and Salesforce to enable new digital-first capabilities that are much more individualised, localised and connected across channels and markets,” he added. 


Pandora’s pivot to digital 

The pandemic forced the doors closed at most of Pandora’s 2,700 retail locations. To remain competitive, it pivoted to online retail. Virtual queuing for stores and virtual product trials via augmented reality (AR) technology went someway to emulating the in-store experience and retail theatre that is the brand’s hallmark. Meanwhile digital investments in supply chain efficiency was central to delivering on consumer demand. 

“Consumer behaviour has significantly shifted and will continue to evolve with businesses needing to quickly adapt to new preferences and needs,” said Kareem Yusuf, General Manager, AI Applications and Blockchain, IBM. “To address this shift, leading retailers like Pandora rely on innovation to increase their business agility by enabling and scaling sustainable supply chain operations using AI and cloud.”

Yusuf said Pandora’s success was indicative of how to remain competitive by “finding new ways to create differentiated customer experiences that protect their enterprises from disruptions to help mitigate risk and accelerate growth”. 

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