May 17, 2020

Should you outsource Facebook marketing?

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Freddie Pierce
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Facebook marketing is a powerful tool moving forward, but an offshore outsourcing project poses several challenges
Should you outsource your Facebook marketing services? Thats what one post on All Facebook talks about, as according to them, outsourcing Facebook page...

Should you outsource your Facebook marketing services?

That’s what one post on All Facebook talks about, as according to them, outsourcing Facebook page management could cut the cost of running the service by up to 60 percent.

Some of the most easily outsourcing tasks that deal with operating a Facebook page include developing apps, writing content and uploading media. Big-picture stuff should be kept in-house, according to AliveNow CEO Adhvith Dhuddu.

“A company in India, Vietnam or the Philippines cannot and will not be able to assess your brand, what you stand for, your customers and your market, and therefore cannot help in coming up with a strategy for the brand on social media,” Dhuddu writes.


Social media marketing, the wave of the future

Should you consider outsourcing social media?

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The biggest thing with social media marketing is creating and maintaining conversations with customers, so it’s critical that a Facebook outsourcing operation does not hurt the communication there. Offshore outsourcing to the other side of the world can also be a time-sensitive matter, as a customer base might be most active when it’s the middle of the night for an offshore outsourcing company.

You also need to think of your audience, and why having an offshore party manage your Facebook marketing account could affect local sensibilities and inherent marketing knowledge that a local person would normally have.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that will become more and more defined in the future, but 2011 might not be the best year to start an offshore outsourcing project experimenting with Facebook marketing. Some Facebook tasks can be easily outsourced, but outsourcing the entire project might not be a good idea for your company.

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