May 17, 2020

In Focus: DHL Supply Chain's Overcoming Growing Pains Report

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Georgia Wilson
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Supply Chain Digital takes a look at DHL Supply Chain’s latest research report and observes the key findings.
Supply Chain Digital takes a look atDHL Supply Chain’s latest research reportand observes the key findings.

E-commerce offers increasingly powerful s...

Supply Chain Digital takes a look at DHL Supply Chain’s latest research report and observes the key findings.

E-commerce offers increasingly powerful sales and growth opportunity for businesses, but as this continues, DHL has highlighted the need for supply chain strategy changes in its 'The E-Commerce Supply Chain Overcoming Growing Pains' report.

To help B2B and B2C businesses understand the biggest challenges and opportunities in e-commerce, DHL completed a survey with 900 decision makers in both B2B and B2C businesses across the world to discover:

  • How far have companies come in building the next-generation supply chain?
  • Are companies’ supply chains agile enough to support rapid growth?
  • What are the biggest e-commerce challenges facing companies today?
  • What types of supply chain strategies, networks and operating models are employed today, and how will these change in the next three to five years.


What did they find?

When asked, DHL found B2B respondents have caught up with B2C respondents. 38% and 31% respectively, have fully executed their e-commerce strategies. However, there is still a high percentage of respondents – 70% (B2C) and 60% (B2B) – who haven’t fully executed their e-commerce strategy.

Responding to e-commerce challenges, respondents highlighted that customer expectation is a challenge in both B2B and B2C businesses and stated that customers base their purchasing on how well companies can meet their demands. As a result, 57% (B2C) and 53% (B2B) rate customer service as being an extremely important factor to consider. 

When asked about distribution methods, DHL discovered that no e-commerce distribution method is dominant. Respondents revealed that most companies use at least two methods, with 47% (B2B and B2C) outsourcing part of its fulfilment to a third-party logistics (3PL).

As a whole 70% of respondents rated e-commerce as very/extremely important to their business for volume and revenue and believe that their online revenue will increase by 21% (B2C) and 16% (B2B) over the next three to five years.


DHL Group key facts

CEO of Global Business Services: Dr. Frank Appel

Head of e-commerce solution:  Ken Allen

Head of Supply Chain: John Gilbert

Management profiles

Headquarters: Posttower, Germany

About DHL Group

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Jul 30, 2021

The Ultimate Procurement & Supply Chain Event

3 min
Take a look at our agenda for Procurement & Supply Chain Live, where innovation meets implementation, coming to you live from London

From September 28th-30th, network with C-level executives, gain insight from industry pioneers and walk away with actionable insights that accelerate your career. By the end of the week, we promise you’ll have the skills to solve the world’s most pressing supply chain and procurement challenges. 

The three-day show is an essential deep dive into the industry, with influential speakers sharing insights and strategies from their organisations, group roundtable discussions, and fireside chats. Whether you attend virtually or in person, you’ll strategise how to cope with global disruption, learn from industry leaders, and walk away with tips, tactics, and tangible connections. 


How to Attend


In a COVID-disrupted era, we know that the majority of people would rather avoid travelling for events─why take the risk, right? In response to the continued disruption, BizClik Media Group has decided that Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE will offer the best of both worlds through hybrid accessibility. 

That means you and your peers can attend the event in person or virtually ─ with no disadvantages for people who choose not to make the trip to the Tobacco Dock venue. 




Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE will be held at the Tobacco Dock in London, an industry-leading venue that is renowned for delivering world-class events. For attendees’ peace of mind, the venue is working to the government-endorsed AEV All Secure Framework, alongside mia’s AIM Secure and ‘Good to Go’ accreditation, they will ensure that we achieve a COVID-secure environment to facilitate all of your networking needs. 




Our physical venue is both historic and stunning, but it has no bearing on the information that you and your peers can gain from the event. You can still absorb it all, interact with other attendees, and enjoy the conference experience on your alternative, virtual platform. 

The platform will feature live feeds from all of the stages, as well as virtual networking areas. So, if you want to avoid travel, it’s not a problem! You can still get involved and enjoy the entire experience from the comfort of your own home. 


What’s on the agenda?


With keynote addresses from global leaders, dynamic roundtable discussions, and extensive networking opportunities, Procurement & Supply Chain 2021 will expand your network, deliver insight, and enhance your organisation’s reach. 

Across the three-day event, a number of relevant topics and trends surrounding procurement and supply chain will be discussed. 


  • Tuesday 28 September - Digital supply chain
  • Procurement strategy (11:30 am)
  • Supply chain leaders forum (12:00 pm)
  • Women in supply chain (14:00 pm)
  • Procurement technology (14:30 pm) 
  • Wednesday 29 September - Procurement consulting
  • Sustainability (11:30 am) 
  • Supply chain management (12:00 pm) 
  • Digitalisation (14:00 pm)
  • Risk & Resilience (14:30 pm)
  • Thursday 30 September - APAC sessions (04:00 am)


Influential executives from around the world will give their insights and professional experiences surrounding these topics, allowing you and your company to leave with valuable information. 

The past year has shown how important supply chains are and the importance of managing them correctly. With increasing digitalisation across all industries, you won’t want to miss out on our great speakers and information surrounding this topic. Preparing your company for the future is key, and we are sure you will gain great insights at our three-day event. 

Order now to make the most of our early-bird offer. Ticket prices increase over 50% soon! For tickets and information, head over to our event site.

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