May 17, 2020

Five problems and solutions for end-to-end supply chain visibility from AEB International

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Follow @SupplyChainD on Twitter.Supply chain visibility has been a major topic for businesses for several years. However, according to market research...

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Supply chain visibility has been a major topic for businesses for several years. However, according to market research, many companies aren't particularly well positioned in this area. What challenges are they facing? In what areas of the supply chain is transparency particularly important? How should companies approach and implement visibility?

A new white paper titled “Supply Chain Visibility - the unfulfilled promise” by software solution provider AEB offers answers and solutions to these as well as other questions.

Rising cost pressure and increasing customer demands represent real challenges for logistics. In addition, supply chains are growing more and more complex and international. Comprehensive supply chain visibility forms an essential foundation to master these challenges.

The complexity of the modern supply chain can only be mastered through comprehensive supply chain visibility and IT support across the entire network. But how can transparency be achieved? What are the critical success factors and requirements? In what areas does transparency add particular value?

AEB's white paper gives examples in five key business areas of:-  Procurement: targeted information is in demand; Customer satisfaction: how can visibility lead to increased service levels; Inventory management: Why dynamic markets require strategic inventory management; Supply chain cost: how transparency helps to optimise the use of resources and decrease costs and Risk management.

AEB is one of Europe's leading providers of supply chain logistics software, consultancy, and services and has been delivering solutions to customers for over thirty years. The company has over 5,000 customers worldwide, supported by offices in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands.

For more information, AEB's white paper “Supply Chain Visibility - the unfulfilled promise" can be downloaded free of charge at

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