Top 10 Procurement Software Vendors: Ivalua

By Jack Grimshaw
Ivaluais a Gartner-ranked industry leader, and has made our Top 10 Procurement Software Vendors in this month's edition of Supply Chain Digital. We take...

Ivalua is a Gartner-ranked industry leader, and has made our Top 10 Procurement Software Vendors in this month's edition of Supply Chain Digital. We take a closer look at the company here.

Established in 2000, Ivalua was built on the idea that procurement can unlock significant strategic value from a company’s spend and supply chain. Ranked by Gartner as a leader in 2018 and 2019, and by Forrester in 2019, Ivalua provides a complete source-to-pay platform, designed to be flexible.

So far, the company has helped more than 300 leading businesses achieve a competitive advantage with strategic management of over $500bn in spend. The three core services Ivalua’s suite provides to empower its users include full digitalisation of procurement and supply chain processes, management of all spend categories and improved transparency and data quality.

What does Ivalua offer?

Quick Wins - If you are beginning your transformation journey, or simply looking for new platforms and solutions, Ivalua promises quick results. Deliver a rapid ROI by implementing industry best practices and ensuring both employee and supplier satisfaction, getting this system up and running quickly can bring significant value.

Unlocking a competitive advantage - Ivalua can empower your team to take its supply chain to the next level, going beyond the best-in-class and building a real competitive advantage. By ensuring procurement agility and allowing new and evolving requirements to be met constantly, bringing your talent’s best ideas to life is easy.

Expansion to all spend and all suppliers - Ivalua’s platform can be used to completely digitise the entire source-to-pay process, granting 100% access to managing spend. This enables you to deploy the industry best practices, whilst improving data and strategic insights. 


Ivalua believes that best-in-class couldn’t be further away from a one-size-fits-all model. Generic configurations can’t come close to meeting unique business needs. This is why the company places emphasis on its tailored practices, designed to be industry and business-specific. Not only do these solutions provide more value to a company, but they also achieve it in much less time.

With the company’s Configurable Cloud technology, meeting unique and evolving needs is easy. A centralised location to manage or adjust any process, the solution is capable of improving data quality and reporting across an entire business, enabling true digital transformation in any organisation. With this platform, businesses around the world have shifted to almost 100% paperless procurement networks.

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