Top 10 Procurement Software Vendors: IBM

By Jack Grimshaw
IBM has been believing in world-changing progress for more than 100 years now. We’re taking a closer look at the company here, after featuring it in o...

IBM has been believing in world-changing progress for more than 100 years now. We’re taking a closer look at the company here, after featuring it in our top 10 procurement vendors this month.

“IBMers believe in progress - that the application of intelligence, reason, and science can improve business, society, and the human condition.” The company strives to develop innovations that matter not only for its own growth, but also for its clients and for the world.

Procurement and strategic services from IBM provide end-to-end solutions that have been digitally reinvented with technology, analytics, cognitive insights, and IBM Design Thinking.

From strategic sourcing, ranging through the supply chain to payables, IBM’s Procurement Services solutions deliver highly personalised, enriched user experiences to customers, capable of learning over time with refined, real-time data. Through this, clients can make informed decisions more quickly and efficiently.

Spend savings can also be optimised using IBM’s global spend leverage and category expertise. Along with the capability to transform operations to digital from a more traditional analog approach, IBM can also enable cognitive insights and elevated talent capabilities by providing enriched data and insights and automation for low-value activities.

Implementing such solutions can see business growth accelerated, with the procurement function accessing new areas of value, performance can be optimised with new intelligence, and ROI, according to IBM customer data, can be realised in as few as three months. 

Clients are provided with expert advice from IBM specialists to establish what it takes to begin driving value through the company’s solution and automated technology. Data-driven insights are provided through cognitive analytics and sourcing capabilities, enhancing supplier selection and optimising contracting. 

Third-party risk management can be difficult to get right in supply chain management. Using vendor risk management (VRM) best practices, combined with cognitive risk-monitoring technologies and alerts, threats to the supply chain can be mitigated in real-time.

Learn more about IBM's procurement solutions here.


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