Procurement & supply chain gender inequality in spotlight

Tania Seary -- founder of procurement community Procurious -- discusses her fight to address gender inequality in the procurement and supply chain sectors

Procurement and supply chain entrepreneur, Tania Seary, has dedicated her career to raising the profile of other professions in the industry and connecting its leaders.

Seary is the Founder and CEO of Procurious, a free-to-join, online business network for the new generation of procurement and supply chain professionals. Members have access to the latest news, advice, and best practices and they can build their personal brand, advance their careers, network with peers, thought leaders and decision-makers, and develop skills through online training.

She was a guest 

What inspired you to launch Procurious?

The modern changes and evolution of procurement as a profession was hugely influential in founding Procurious. Constant change and evolution meant procurement needed a community where professionals could gather, share ideas and innovations, learn from each other and procurement experts, and attend thought-provoking, impactful events. Procurement needed connectivity. An adhesive to keep the profession together.
That’s exactly what Procurious is. The glue that keeps us in procurement, together. It was as simple as identifying a problem and being driven to solve that problem for the community.

What makes Procurious unique?

Nowhere else in the world will you receive access to procurement experts and thought leaders, gain deep knowledge on topics and current events affecting the industry or be able to network and share ideas with peers in the procurement profession. Our ability to offer procurement professionals the tools, resources and support they need to advance their careers truly sets Procurious apart.

Tell us about the BRAVO leadership programme

BRAVO is a leadership programme and global network committed to helping women in procurement and supply chain get the resources they need to advance in their careers and shape a better future. It’s important that women have access to the mentoring, peer-to-peer guidance and coaching they need to tackle the inequalities they face in the workplace.

I’ve had my share of encounters and challenges with the corporate workplace culture. It’s my dream that we can create a better future culture for women in the workplace.

Why support women in supply chain and procurement?

There are a lot of issues right now – the gender pay gap, disadvantages in the workplace, imposter syndrome, and plenty more – and one woman cannot fight it alone. It takes a unified effort to fight for change and create a better present and future.

The gender pay gap across the profession is somewhere between 20-25% and 35% for those in senior ranks. This gap also compounds when women become mothers. It’s simply unacceptable and something needs to be done.

What's your greatest career achievement?

Launching the BRAVO programme has been one of the more significant achievements. It has a bit of personal background mixed in with the chance to make measurable and impactful changes for so many people. It’s one of those things you dream about, and think to yourself: “What if I could change the world?”

It’s that idea of thinking big that led me to BRAVO. We want people to think bigger, aim higher and expand their possibilities. We may not be changing the world right now, but we are making a difference, and that’s the first step.

What's the greatest challenge you’ve faced?

Gender inequality. A lot of people still don’t quite understand how significant of a challenge gender inequality is, and I give major props to all women that encounter it. This challenge is a huge driver of the BRAVO programme. I don’t want the next great female entrepreneur in procurement and supply chain to give this same answer in an interview 20 years from now. Gender inequality should become obsolete sooner rather than later, and I hope BRAVO can help achieve that for the procurement and supply chain.

Secret of your success?

The people who believe in our mission. Procurious has a community of 40,000 members that inspire me every day to be better than I was yesterday. They’re constantly bringing fresh ideas to our groups or adding another level of insight to our discussions, all while making new friends and building a supportive network of their own.


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