Ivalua and Visa Team Up to Revolutionise Spend Management

Ivalua has joined forces with Visa to revolutionise spend management
Ivalua and Visa are partnering to offer secure, efficient payment solutions via the cloud, unlocking cash and driving process efficiency for businesses

Ivalua, a global leader in spend management, has partnered with Visa, the digital payments giant, to transform how organisations handle supplier payments.

The collaboration is aimed at unlocking cash trapped in payment cycles, driving operational efficiency and enhancing opportunities with suppliers.

It's a partnership that looks set to simplify and accelerate supplier payments, expanding card usage through a secure, intuitive user experience offering high levels of automation and control.

Suman Raju, CFO at Ivalua, says: "Unlike alternative solutions, Ivalua enables its clients to securely manage card usage without compromising potential cash rewards.

Suman Raju, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Ivalua (Credit: Ivalua)

"As cash flow remains critical and saving becomes increasingly important, we're delighted to partner with Visa to unlock new levels of payment automation and maximise rebate opportunities for our clients."

Maximising financial benefits and efficiency

Ivalua's approach is designed to address the challenges of controlling spend and maximise the financial benefits of corporate cards.

The company's innovative capabilities allow users to embed corporate cards into any purchasing activity, providing total control over pre-approved spend. This enables businesses to use cards not only for traditional expenses but also for a broader range of purchases, including catalogue orders, invoices, subscriptions and specific projects.

By integrating card usage into various purchasing activities, Ivalua helps businesses bring all card spend under control. This comprehensive control enhances business efficiencies and improves cash management, ensuring companies can optimise their financial operations.

Furthermore, Ivalua's system allows organisations to identify suppliers and categories of spend, reconciling usage back to a user or budget the next day. This high level of control is essential for unlocking more card usage and maximising rebate opportunities.

Managed entirely within the Ivalua cloud environment, this approach significantly enhances card security and prevents misuse. The platform's robust security features ensure all transactions are safe and compliant with industry standards.

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Enhancing financial control and security

Ivalua empowers numerous entities worldwide – from IKEA, Honeywell and Rolls-Royce to seven different US states – to streamline procurement processes amid growing complexities.

By leveraging Ivalua's integrated, cloud-based, source-to-pay (S2P) platform, clients can enhance profitability, foster innovation, boost ESG performance and mitigate supply chain risks.

Clive Cornelius, Head of T&E and Procurement Commercial Products at Visa Business Solutions Europe, adds: "We find that businesses prefer financial services integrated in their ERP/AP systems, allowing them to pay simply and efficiently without having to step out of existing workflow.

"We’re excited to work with companies like Ivalua in bringing new solutions and approaches to this market need."

Clive Cornelius, Head of T&E and Procurement Commercial Products, Visa Business Solutions Europe (Credit: Visa)

Helping procurement teams to succeed

The overarching goal of Ivalua's platform is to equip procurement teams with increased automation, enhanced supplier visibility and efficient collaboration capabilities.

Trusted by hundreds of the world's most admired brands and recognised as a leader by Gartner and other analysts, Ivalua was recently named a Market Leader in Ardent Partners' Strategic Sourcing Technology Advisor report for 2024.

Through this latest collaboration, Ivalua and Visa are enabling organisations to take full advantage of corporate cards for various expenses, streamline processes and enhance overall financial management.

By integrating these advanced payments solutions into their existing systems, businesses can achieve greater efficiency and control over their financial operations.

The integration of Ivalua’s S2P platform with Visa’s digital payments solutions represents a significant advancement in spend management.

Organisations can now benefit from a seamless, secure and highly-automated process that enhances their ability to manage all categories of spend and all suppliers effectively. This partnership not only improves cash flow and operational efficiency but also supports broader business goals such as sustainability and innovation.


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