May 17, 2020

ERP creator joins Rootstock Software

t lee wylie
Freddie Pierce
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Follow @JosephWilkesWDM The creator of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) concept used in businesses across the globe has joined the Advisory Commi...

The creator of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) concept used in businesses across the globe has joined the Advisory Committee of Rootstock Software, a leader in cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications.

California-based Rootstock has announced that T. Lee Wylie, currently an Executive in Residence at industry technology investors Maker Capital, will bring his 35 years of leadership in information technology and manufacturing with General Motors, IBM and Gartner Group to the Rootstock Advisory Committee.

Rootstock Chief Executive Officer and founder Pat Garrehy said: “We are honored that Lee Wylie is joining our Advisory Committee.

“Our customers are extremely fortunate to have one of manufacturing’s leading business systems experts being their ombudsman.”

As a Director of information technology research and advisory company Gartner Group, Wylie created the concept of ERP.

ERP is a business management software system that uses an integrated suite of software modules, giving a company a real-time view of processes such as order processing, production and inventory management. A common database allows bosses to have clear view of all facets of an operation and facilitates information flow between all functions inside an organisation, and manages connections to outside stakeholders.

The software and evolved versions of it has been widely used in businesses since the early 1990s. 

Wylie said: ““I have a lot of confidence in the Rootstock software and their approach to the manufacturing industry.

“A quick review of this software makes it evident that the developers have many years of experience creating in-depth ERP packages for the manufacturing sector. As importantly, Rootstock approaches this market with the perfect balance needed to be successful with manufacturers. They shun the glitz so common with ERP providers, replacing it with a problem-solving attitude that makes manufacturers comfortable.

 “I have spoken to their customers and the CIO’s have been very impressed with the company and its processes.”

He added: “Today, the only way the smaller manufacturing business can afford a world class ERP implementation is with the Cloud.

“As moves more and more into the major corporations, Rootstock will be providing the ERP solution for their customers, especially in their manufacturing facilities.”

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