Al Dahra partners with SAP to power procurement digital transformation

By Dale Benton
A multinational leader in the cultivation, production and trading of animal food and end-to-end supply chain management for the agribusiness sector has...

A multinational leader in the cultivation, production and trading of animal food and end-to-end supply chain management for the agribusiness sector has embarked on a digital transformation to leverage cloud technology to improve efficiency, drive cost savings and ensure compliance.

Al Dahra, which works in the agribusiness sector in over 20 countries and more than 45 market sectors, announced in a statement this week that it has entered into a partnership with SAP to standardise its procurement offering and drive maximum value for its customers.

The company will connect to the Ariba Network and utilise cloud-based applications for sourcing and procurement, transforming its procurement operation to achieve key goals.

These key goals include the reduction of expenses by at least 15% in the first year, centralise and standardise procurement across its global operations, improve strategic sourcing for core products and ensure transparency and compliance across the business.

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“Our business is all about the availability, accessibility and affordability of animal feed and food products in key global markets,” said Khadim Al Darei, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder, Al Dahra. “Having expanded our global footprint significantly through acquisition, we know we need to standardize on one system for procurement to continue to drive maximum value for our customers. SAP Ariba’s vast business network and cloud-based solutions for managing our spend from end-to-end proved to be the best-in-class solution we were looking for.”

“Technology and digital business networks have fundamentally changed what’s possible for global businesses like Al Dahra,” said Mohammed Al Khotani, head of SAP Ariba, Middle East and North Africa. “This kind of digital transformation enables businesses to form and foster stronger relationships with their business partners in order to optimize value for customers.”


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