May 17, 2020

2020 events in focus: World Procurement Week 

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Georgia Wilson
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Back for its second year, World Procurement week 2020 is renowned for gathering esteemed procurement visionaries, influencers and practitioners.

The co...

Back for its second year, World Procurement week 2020 is renowned for gathering esteemed procurement visionaries, influencers and practitioners.

The comprehensive event will run from the 12-14 May 2020, providing an inclusive and energising experience for those speaking and attending.

Breaking down the week-long event, we take a closer look at the agendas and speakers that you won’t want to miss!

World Procurement Congress: 13-14 May 2020

agenda for world procurement congress

One of the industry’s largest global gatherings of senior procurement executives, World Procurement Congress is a two day event that focuses on the visionary and future trends that will impact and shape the long term success of procurement. 

Top five speakers at the event include:

  • Amanda Davies - Global Indirects Chief Procurement Officer at MARS Inc. 

  • Bob Murphy - Chief Procurement Officer at IBM 

  • Alexandra Lopez - Chief Procurement Officer and Vice President of Global Procurement Services at CISCO

  • Miguel Gonzalez - Chief Procurement Officer at DuPont

  • Fabienne Lesbros - Group Supply Chain Management Director of Commercial and Services at Vodafone

World Procurement Awards: 14 May 2020

Each year the greatest procurement organisation and thought leaders gather at the world procurement awards to be a “part of something special”. The awards presented at the event not only offer global exposure, but also the chance to motivate and reward your team.

This year’s award titles include:

  • The Basware Procurement Excellence Award

  • The Smart Cube Procurement Leader Award

  • The GEP Procurement Team Award

  • The Capita Future Leader award

  • The H&Z Procurement Team Award

  • The Ivalua innovation Award

  • External Collaboration Award

  • Cross-functional Collaboration Award

  • Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Award

  • Talent and Development Award

  • The Greensill Supply Chain Initiative Award

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award

  • Risk Management Award

  • P2P Specialist Provider Award

  • Procurement Technology Award

  • Procurement Consultancy Project Award

Indirect Category Leadership Forum: 12-13 May 2020

aenda for indirect category leadership forum

The only event dedicated to helping indirect leaders deliver non-cost values to wider businesses. The forum includes: inspirational case studies, interactive discussions and informal networking.

Top five speakers at the event include:

  • Philip Bigland - Procurement Director at Dyson

  • Torben Anderson - Head of Towers, Blades and TRansport Global Procurement at Vestas

  • Matteo Consonni - Global Category Lead of Corporate Services at Corning

  • Rebecca Lonsdale - Director of Indirect Procurement at Britvic

  • Emmanuelle Lesage - Vice President of Global Sourcing Indirect at Boehringer Ingelheim

Strategy Deep Dives: 12 May 2020

This year’s Strategy Deep Dives at World Procurement Week are digitalisation and sustainability. World procurement Week describes a successful strategy as one that is regularly adjusted based on monitoring progress against milestones and adjusting to changing conditions. With this in mind, the Strategy Deep Dives have been designed to provide the opportunity to dedicate a day to assess and evaluate the state of businesses and industries, and realign strategic goals, priorities and action plans.

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Jul 19, 2021

Vizibl: The Future of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

3 min
How Vizibl is pioneering the future of SRM with more open and collaborative relationships between procurement organisations and their suppliers

Even the best procurement team on the planet can only derive so much value from their suppliers by tinkering with spreadsheets or negotiating another half-percent-per-unit from a regular bulk-buy. 

The value of relationships count in today’s fast-paced and disrupted business environment, where partnerships, future efficiencies and risk mitigation are just as vital a measure of an organisation’s maturing procurement organisation as overhead reduction.  

A recent McKinsey survey into 100 large organisations found that the more cooperative an organisation, the more financially competitive it could become. "Companies with advanced supplier-collaboration capabilities tend to outperform their peers,” it found, but also admitted that this value is not a simple thing to access. 

Visibl is a company built from the ground up with the philosophy of ‘delivering mutual value' in mind. Its digital procurement platform is designed to place collaboration at the centre of supplier relationships. Greater transparency for all stakeholders not only simplifies and quantifies contractual obligations, but also provides opportunities to discover and align on common goals and business objectives.

How does Vizibl’s platform work? 

Vizibl’s supplier relationship management platform feeds off data. By leveraging data from existing enterprise applications such as ERP, P2P, risk management, or project management systems, all stakeholders can share a central source of truth. The result is greater transparency, visibility and accountability on both sides of a contract. The platform is divided into several focus areas: 

  • Vizibl Relationships: This system helps organisations move beyond transactional interactions with their suppliers, instead building trust and applying a governance framework that is both scalable and consistent to better support core business objectives. 
  • Vizibl Workspace: Operating in one virtual workspace removes friction in collaborative endeavours and aligned initiatives. Vizibl Workspace enables partners to drive goals together, whether improved cost-savings, ESG commitments, new product launches or boosting operational efficiency. 
  • Vizibl Reporting: Measuring results is critical in achieving business objectives, forward planning and risk management. This system helps business leaders leverage actionable data to quantify and drive initiatives, support and mange supplier performance, and understand true ROI. 

Key Vizibl customers: Heineken, Vodafone, Astellas 

“Gartner lists supplier collaboration as supply chain leaders’ number one focus to solve for agility and resilience”

Speaking to earlier this year in June, Mark Perera, CEO and co-founder of Vizibl said: “We work with companies across multiple industries, but regardless of sector, we really see agility and resilience as overarching topic areas in the supply chain. From a resilience perspective, that’s both in terms of operational resilience, but also strategic resilience; we see organisations looking at implementing the desired levels of flexibility and the ability to change with demand, as they look towards the future of their company.”

“Gartner lists supplier collaboration as supply chain leaders’ number one focus to solve for agility and resilience,” he added. “The mindset and process change to switch to a supplier collaboration model will be a challenge for organisations that are falling behind.” 

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