May 21, 2020

Nestle & Kidswant DSCC Launch

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BEIJING, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the fastest-ever changing speed of the Chinese Marketplace, precipitated by the behaviors of Consumers & Shoppers changing to "digitalization", "diversification" and "speediness", it has become critical for FMCG Companies to develop highly Innovative Technologies & Solutions. In the spirit of driving Consumer & Customer-centricity, Nestle GCR Supply Chain is leading with breakthrough Digital Supply Chain Capabilities in China. Recently, Nestle built a Smart "Digital Supply Chain Center (DSCC)" successfully and launched in Beijing with the witness from one of its business partners Kidswant, the well-known company in maternal and infant industry.  

Digital Supply Chain Center (DSCC) is a data and technology integrated smart Digital Supply Chain Center, providing a Real-time and end to end visibility through entire value chain. The Flow of Data, Information & Intelligence become visible in order to detect demand signals, triggering effective & on-time actions, therefore responding to the needs of consumers, shoppers & customers.

Rashid Qureshi, CEO of Nestle GCR gave high recognition of the DSCC launch, "When we talk about how we ensure our mission – right products at right time, right place with right freshness and win more consumers in China Market, the important thing is to connect various of data from any part of our organization or from outside customers. DSCC is a good start to the Digital Enterprise journey and it offers much more big opportunities for us to get more consumers to buy more Nestle products."

Tony Domingo, SVP Supply chain, GCR said in the ceremony, "Nestle is driving end to end visibility from farm to fork, optimizing the entire value chain to enable growth by data-driven smart supply chain and provide the high-quality Nestle product to our customer and consumer. With DSCC, there's Real-time OLA, OLF, OSA, OSF, In-store Availability, Market Penetration & end2end Transparency of Inventories. This is the first ever in Nestle China and the whole Nestle world. Considering DSCC's critical ability to enable business Growth, Nestle GCR did create a new chapter of Customer/Consumer-centricity."

Muhammad Zahid, SVP NBE, GCR who led this DSCC development shared his insight on the DSCC project, "World outside is rapidly embracing technology. Data is becoming the most important asset of any Company. Effective use of Technology and Data is what matters. We have used state of the art technology, set of algorithms and user friendly visuals and reporting techniques for the development of DSCC. In Supply Chain speed is the essence, this is what DSCC will help for faster action and reaction while responding to the volatile demand of a very dynamic market. Full end to end visibility to serve our Customers in a fastest and most cost effective manner is where DSCC will bring a competitive advantage to our Businesses."

DSCC was highly recognized by its users as well. Tina Wei, Head of COC/CFSC GCR, whose Team was executing the E2E DSCC project added that,  "To enable FMCG companies win in the future, we have to build up a customer and consumer centric Supply Chain and be data transparent to accelerate the products and service reach to consumers. DSCC at Nestle is build based on the need to run the business more effectively with clear visibility of the entire value chain. The E2E visibility from downstream to upstream Supply Chain (Collaborative Forecasting and Planning, Order Fulfillment, Inventory Management, Logistics Efficiency and Leveraged Resource) enables win-win between Retailer and Supplier in marketplace".  Jeffrey Zhao, Head of Sales, NiN Mainland has high praises for the launch of Nestle DSCC. "DSCC can help us get real time data of every stores, enable sales, marketing and Supply Chain cooperation, enhancing the speed of reaction in the marketplace. By using DSCC, we can explore more opportunities with Kidswant to enable our business growth!"

DSCC is a significant milestone to both Supplier and Retailer in terms of connecting data end to end value chain, improving operation efficiency with more cost-effective ways and leading the digitalization in Industry. Nestle will continuously and innovatively be centric at customers and consumers to provide right Nestle product at right place at right time with right freshness.


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SOURCE Nestle (China) Ltd.

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