Jul 30, 2020

Meet Champ: A Better Way to Do It

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NEW YORK, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sex is fun. Buying condoms is not. Enter Champ, a new player in the field of sexual health and wellness that is reimagining how people shop for sex stuff by creating condoms and lubes anyone would be proud to buy in public—and delivering them discreetly so no one has to.

It's a known fact that most consumers find the experience of buying condoms in public to be unpleasant (three quarters of Americans feel awkward, anxious or embarrassed1), unrelatable (cheesy or sleazy branding) or unreliable (questionable online resale experience). Champ is changing the game by helping those who are ready to bench the drugstore when it comes to buying sexual wellness products. Shipments arrive in discrete unmarked boxes and come straight from Champ's fulfillment center to the consumer's door.  Unlike conventional online options, there is no sketchy resold product ever - eliminating the risk of counterfeit or expired goods.

Champ condoms and lubricants are produced in the world's leading manufacturing facilities using top-grade ingredients, electronic testing, and a transparent supply chain. With modern, ultra-premium packaging, Champ's products don't come at a premium price. And the products fulfill all the desires of a modern consumer: cleaner labels (with ingredients including 100% all-natural rubber latex and medical grade silicone oil), no nasty stuff (like parabens, casein or BPA), no tacky neon packaging, and a convenient, flexible, subscription platform to save time and money.


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"We started Champ because we are three people, who like most of us out there, thought that existing methods of buying condoms and lube were terrible," said co-founder Allen Yau. "Sexual wellness products are an essential need for most people but the drug store aisle, filled with neon colors and unhealthy messages of hyper-virality, doesn't reflect that. And the online experience is often filled with slapstick locker room humor, suggestive pictures and crushed packaging. We said -- no more!"

The introductory lineup includes:

Ultra-Thin and Ribbed Condoms: Quality tested and housed in sleek packaging, Champ condoms come in Ultra-Thin (for ultra-closeness) and Ribbed (for extra sensation). They are made without Casein, Spermicide, Glycerin, Parabens, BPA, Fragrances, Flavors, Gluten. A pack of 12 retails for less than $20.

Water-Based and Silicone-Based Lubricants: The Champ hypoallergenic Water-Based lubricant is formulated to protect skin while providing a smooth and natural feel. Free from glycerin and parabens, this formula is non-staining and latex friendly. The Silicone-Based lubricant is also paraben and glycerin-free, and made from premium, high-grade silicone. It is long-lasting, ultra-slippery, and formulated to work in any position, even underwater. Both products retail at $20 for 4.4 fl oz.

"Safety and a best-in-quality purchase experience are the Champ guarantees. Our FDA 510(k) approved condoms are produced by one of the world's most reputable and technologically advanced manufacturers," said co-founder Nico Barnes. "And in a world where online is king, nearly three quarters of people are not shopping these categories online2. There is no reason for a consumer to feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with the quality or experience of buying sexual wellness items.  We're here to change that."

At launch, Champ is offering a special one-of-a kind Starting Lineup Kit for those who want to try the Champ experience. The Starting Lineup is an introduction to the Champ Sex Essentials: Three ultra-thin condoms, three ribbed condoms, and one trial-size bottle of water-based lubricant for $14 (free shipping). And Champ is also offering free shipping on all lube products and condom packs of 24 and above.

"We are building a consumer health brand that speaks to a modern mindset, but interestingly enough, we were inspired by Champ Prophylactics -- a bygone brand that debuted on shelves in the 1950s and made a statement in a taboo category," said co-founder John O'Keeffe. "They used illustrations of famous athletes (believed by many to resemble Ted Williams and Jack Dempsey) to pull eyes towards their packaging when other brands were hiding. That brand's early competitive spirit and willingness to be different inspired us. We're following in the footsteps of the original Champs by challenging category conventions in a different manner today."


2 Internal data

Where you can find Champ:
URL www.meetchamp.com
IG www.instagram.com/meetchamp
FB www.facebook.com/meetchampco 
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About Champ

Sifting through neon condom boxes promising Max Ecstacy in the drugstore is uncomfortable. And buying them from unverified online resellers doesn't feel great. For too long, second-rate purchasing options have kept people from getting the sex health products they need. Champ is here to change that. Prioritizing health and wellness in all areas of life is important, including people's sex lives. In fact, it's something to be proud of. That's why Champ was created. No awkward cashier conversations, and no wondering what hot garage the products sat in before they got delivered. Just premium, clean-label sex health products delivered straight to your door. It's common sense and, somehow, revolutionary.

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