May 14, 2020

Marijuana Doctors Announces Dispensary Tech Partnership With

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NEW YORK, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Marijuana Doctors, a secure turnkey solution portal for qualified patients looking to connect and schedule an appointment with physicians to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment has just announced a dispensary tech partnership with San Francisco based tech company, Connected Inc. This software company focuses on increasing transparency, enabling frictionless processing and creating harmonization across any supply chain. The core platform combines the power of a hybrid blockchain in conjunction with machine learning and UX optimization.

This dispensary tech partnership will bring dispensary blockchain technology and medical patients; online ordering, instore/curbside pick-ups, and delivery available for patients. With a plan to streamline telemedicine, on demand shipping and delivery, Marijuana Doctors selected this partnership as a response to COVID-19 as medical marijuana is now labeled essential whereas recreational is still deemed as non-essential.  

"In today's uncertain world, organizations need to constantly optimize their supply chains due to market circumstances, regulatory impacts and customers' demands," says Jason Draizin, CEO and Founder of Marijuana Doctors. "Many organizations still rely on traditional monolithic supply chains platforms, their ability to be agile is hindered."

Connected Inc. was formed to help organizations build more diverse and resilient supply chains enabled by forward-looking technology. At the core of the Connected platform is a hybrid blockchain where one side is consumer facing and the other is for business to business transactions.  The platform has three main components:

  • Transaction Processing – Creates seamless processing from cultivation, through manufacturing, distribution and retail.
  • Smart Contracts – Enables the automation for sales, ordering, purchasing & testing 
  • Traceability – The tracking of purchase orders, testing results, transportation, receipts & delivery 

At the cornerstone, each module is built on the framework of plan, source, execute, deliver & transact with the goal of simplification and process efficiency. This enables organizations throughout the chain (i.e. manufacturing) to use the platform to forecast, plan, create and package what products to make and who will buy them.  

CEO of Connected Inc. Manoj Srinivasan had this to say about the partnership, "Our mission is to create a seamless experience that truly simplifies the supply chain and in real time adjusts to the voice of the customer."

Having visibility into supply chains will mean greater agility and, more importantly, control.  The Connected retail module and driver application enables any store to become delivery capable.  Customers can place orders on a live marketplace against current inventory.  Through an innovative Driver App (Android & iOS), the order can be packaged, a driver's route planned, the customer is notified, and payment processed. 

The platform not only helps organizations, consumers can also leverage the platform indirectly for placing an order, tracking an order and more importantly understanding the product that they purchased and it's underlying chemical properties. Where applicable, through the hybrid blockchain, consumers could gain access to where the product originated, it's journey through the supply chain and more importantly what chemicals it could have been exposed (soil, water etc.)

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About Marijuana Doctors: serves an important function as its verification system allows for the confirmation of patient eligibility. The site is dedicated to legitimizing the process for the booking and selection of medical marijuana doctors by standardizing the criteria and selection process for doctors allowed to join their trusted network of quality physicians.

About Connected Inc:
Connected is an end-to-end supply chain platform powered by a hybrid blockchain designed to increase transparency, enable frictionless processing and create harmonization across any supply chain. Our mission is to transform and reduce the inefficiencies across a supply chain from by using a tech-enabled, fully "Connected" platform.  The platform initially launched in the commodities sector and more recently the platform is used for inventory-level tracking and orchestration for PPE.  Connected Inc. was founded by Manoj Srinivasan, a former Big 4 Partner & Strategist in the Technology, Consumer Goods & Telecommunication industries.  

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