UK drivers are using smartphones on the job

By Freddie Pierce
Follow @WDMEllaCopeland Top fleet firms are leading smartphone adoption in the workplace, according to a new survey of UK fleet decision makers. The s...


Top fleet firms are leading smartphone adoption in the workplace, according to a new survey of UK fleet decision makers.

The study entitled ‘Fleet Leaders Embracing Mobile Technology Potential’, found that fleet managers are leading smartphone adoption and work-related app usage. Conducted by driver performance management firm GreenRoad, the study reported that 66 percent of fleet leaders report that most of their managers now carry a smartphone at work.

The survey determines that more and more drivers are putting their smartphones to use in the workplace, with 43 percent using smartphone or mobile apps for fleet management activities, including fleet tracking plus more advanced fleet and driver related services.  




Of the fleet leaders surveyed, 41% expect manager fleet app adoption to continue increasing. Survey respondents said that as more managers receive smartphones and are trained on how to use them in their jobs, the more effective and efficient they will be at managing their fleets.

“This tidal wave of smartphone adoption mirrors what’s going on in the broader business landscape. Business managers in every industry are realising the advantages of having information at their fingertips, and the ease of using a mobile computing platform,” said Tanya Roberts, senior vice president of marketing for GreenRoad..

According to the survey, 35 percent of respondents are using job-specific apps, often for navigation, whereas a further 17 percent of fleet managers are expected to deploy additional smartphone apps for drivers in the coming year.

We expect to see driver adoption increase as more compelling driver-centric apps are brought to market, and as fleets learn about these options,” continued Roberts. “Of course, distracted driving is also a concern so it’s important for any app provider to make accommodations for safety.”


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