Uber Freight expands reach to six metro areas in US, including California, Arizona and Georgia

By James Henderson
Uber Freight has added six metro centres to the area that its app covers, significantly expanding the reach of its drivers. It has opened up its servic...

Uber Freight has added six metro centres to the area that its app covers, significantly expanding the reach of its drivers.

It has opened up its service to California, Arizona, the Chicago-Midwest region, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, adding to its Texas-wide reach.

“These new areas represent where drivers like to run, which makes sense: these regions including Texas cover over a quarter of the country’s drivers and freight,” said Bill Driegert, Director of Uber Freight.

“Unlocking this geography allows more carriers and their drivers to grow their businesses with Uber Freight’s instant load booking and quick payment.

“While today we still have most of our loads in Texas, over the coming months drivers can expect to see an ever-increasing number of loads available on the app in these new markets.”

Uber Freight is a free app that matches carriers with shippers, with carriers can press a button to book a load, and receive the amount that’s in the app. Payment is made fee-free within seven days. 


Once the app shows the price we paid for a load and the load details, it can be booked with the push of a button.

As part of the refresh to the service, Uber has also said the app will now automatically learn drivers’ preferences based on their past loads, their location, and their home base, and more.

When a new load is available that matches these preferences, the app will notify the driver so they don’t miss out.

Additionally, over the coming weeks the app will start showing new packs of loads for drivers who prefer local, short haul, or long haul routes.

“The enthusiasm we’ve seen from drivers and shippers alike keeps us focused on innovating in ways that put drivers first,” said Driegert.

“We’ve still got a lot of work to do, but are more excited than ever to deliver on the promise of levelling the playing field for America’s truck drivers.”

Uber Freight is also expected to expand the types of freight it offers, adding to the 53’ dry van and reefer its drivers currently run.

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