Toyota extend their safety campaign into 2013

By Freddie Pierce
Follow @Ella_Copeland Materials handling equipment provider Toyota Forklifts are extending 2012s year of safety campaign, ‘Taking Care with Toyot...

Materials handling equipment provider Toyota Forklifts are extending 2012’s year of safety campaign, ‘Taking Care with Toyota’, into 2013, which provides free safety awareness resources to companies using dangerous equipment and machinery.


During last year’s campaign, Toyota provided over 1250 free resources to over 450 different companies through requests for free safety resources via the corporate website, in addition to distributing resources at over 25 regional shows and national exhibitions.


Tony Wallis, Sales and Marketing Director for Toyota Material Handling UK says 
“Taking Care with Toyota focuses on three elements: product, people and process. By working closely with customers and prospects during 2012 it has become evident that by raising awareness and providing support we can help customers, not only to improve safety, but also help them to improve their processes and reduce costs”.


The coming year will see further development to the Toyota free resource range, which currently features manual handling guides, forklift safety guides and a number of safety posters. New materials will include additional best practice guides plus items relating to the Toyota Production System (TPS). In addition, Toyota will continue to provide regular best practice information and a TPS roadmap through its quarterly e-newsletter Toyota Knowledgebase.  Requests for free resources or to subscribe to Toyota Knowledgebase visit


Wallis adds “We want to be a partner to our customers, and Taking Care with Toyota encompasses everything that Toyota as a company stands for. We aim to understand our customers businesses and provide products and solutions that can help support the whole operation. This is why Taking Care with Toyota will be our key message at IMHX (International Materials Handling Exhibition) in March 2013”.


Toyota Material Handling has also extended their relationship with EU-OSHA for 2012 / 2013 as elected sponsor of the new campaign ‘Working Together for Risk Prevention’. This campaign focuses on developing research, training and sharing expertise to promote safe working environments, which compliments Taking Care with Toyota activities.


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