TNT trials use of double deck trailers

By Freddie Pierce
TNT Express is running new double-deck trailers between its Midlands distribution hubs and the North East as part of a trial into the viability of lon...


TNT Express is running new double-deck trailers between its Midlands distribution hubs and the North East as part of a trial into the viability of longer semi-trailers.

One of the first to introduce loose-loaded double-deck trailers to its fleet, TNT hopes  that increased load capacity will increase the efficiency of their operations. While double deck trailers have been utilised by hauliers with roll cage operations, they are far less common for loose load companies.

TNT is currently trialling Long Semi-Trailers, which are expected to greatly increase capacity, as part of a Department for Transport study into the impact of different size vehicles on British roads.

The double-deck trailers, which have a 42% greater load capacity than a standard 13.6m trailer, are being used between TNT’s Kingsbury hub and its Durham depot.

Simon Harper, Director of Operations TNT Express UK & Ireland, said: “Increased load capacity means we can be far more efficient on behalf of our customers whilst we can also contribute to the wider industry fact find of how this equipment works in day to day operations.

“Using larger capacity trailers enables us to reduce the number of trips required to deliver the same number of parcels and is therefore good news for TNT, the environment and our customers.”

The trailers, a bespoke design and manufacture for TNT Express by Cartwright Group, use an innovative rising platform which can carry up to eight tonnes. It then lifts to accommodate a second level of cargo, providing a total payload of 20 tonnes.

“This isn’t a normal double deck trailer,” adds Simon. “This is bespoke to TNT. They are 0.7metres taller than a standard trailer at the front end but the extended sloping tail end remains the same so we haven’t had to alter the fabric of our depot infrastructure.

“As well as cementing a long-term partnership with the Cartwight Group, we are delivering an innovative, low cost, environmentally beneficial solution for our network and for our customers.”


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