Supply Chain Loves You, Philip Morris

By Freddie Pierce
Philip Morris Limited won top honors at the2012 Global Supply Chain Excellence Awards. The event - organized by the Supply Chain Council, a global not...

Philip Morris Limited won top honors at the  2012 Global Supply Chain Excellence Awards. The event - organized by the Supply Chain Council, a global not-for-profit management association - announced the winners this week at the Global User Meeting in Miami.

A panel of expert judges selected the winners in three categories:

·   Philip Morris Limited won the Global Supply Chain Operational Excellence Award.

·   Universidade Estadual de Campinas/LALT won the Global Academic Advancement Award.

·   SAP won the Global Technology Advancement Award.

In addition, Philip Morris won the Overall Global Supply Chain Excellence Award, which recognizes the single organization that has made the greatest contribution to the supply chain management body of knowledge or practice within the past year.


·         The Coming Supply Chain Renaissance

·         Did Steve Jobs’ Death Shine a Light on the Supply Chain?

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The SCC Supply Chain Excellence Awards encourage the continuous advancement of the supply chain management body of knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge. The SCC awards program recognizes supply chain innovators in three regions annually:

·         North and South America (Application deadline: 30 June 2012)

·         Asia & Oceania (Application deadline: 30 Sept. 2012)

·         Europe, Middle East & Africa (Application deadline: 30 Sept. 2012)

The operational, academic, and technology award winners from each of the three regions compete for the Global Supply Chain Award in each category, as well as the single overall Global Supply Chain Excellence Award. Visit the SCC Supply Chain Excellence Awards website for information on the application process, selection criteria, and project summaries of award winners.

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