Supply Chain Brain's Top 100 Supply Chain Partners

By Freddie Pierce
Supply Chain Brain recently announced its annual list of the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners. After sorting through thousands of applications, the publ...

Supply Chain Brain recently announced its annual list of the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners.

After sorting through thousands of applications, the publication listed several big-name companies, including UPS, Maersk Line and FedEx, but also named some of the more innovative, smaller companies that have made huge strides in the supply chain field.

The full list of top supply chain companies can be viewed by clicking here.

Supply Chain Brain also included a Top 10 list of what companies want most in their providers, which is listed below:

1. Reliability– And why not? If your partner fails you, you lose. We see this concern listed first every year.

2. Excellence – Good, better, best. The best companies won't settle for a good provider; only the best will do.

3. Value –  Cost savings is always top of mind when buying any new technology or service, but the most important financial measure is value in terms of increasing sales, production or other revenue-related metric.

4. Expertise & knowledge base – Just how well do you incorporate best practices specific to your customer's industry or market or product? Indeed, how well do you know their business?

5. Problem-solving – Partners must step up, take responsibility and overcome issues that threaten the success of any venture. Failing that, they probably will lose the business.

6. Continuous improvement – Again, it's good, better, best. It's a progression, one that says you can't rest on your laurels.

7. Support – Nominating companies indicate that support is almost as important as the product or service they want from you. So, you had better be able to provide the backup they demand.

8. Positive attitude  – Never say 'It can't be done.' Find a way.

9. Global reach  – It goes without saying that companies looking to do business around the world need partners with a global footprint.

10. Strong leadership –  Why do customers monitor the leadership of their supply chain partners? Because they want long-lasting relationships.


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