Qoros signs logistics contract in China & Europe with Unipart

By Freddie Pierce
Follow @SamJermy Follow @SupplyChainD Unipart has announced a ground-breaking five year, full-spectrum aftermarket logistics contract with Qoros Autom...


Unipart has announced a ground-breaking five year, full-spectrum aftermarket logistics contract with Qoros Automotive Co. Ltd., which is based in Changshu, China.

Qoros, expected to be the first car brand based in China to sell successfully in Europe, has turned to the group as a partner to ensure customers benefit from world class standards of aftersales service.

Unipart Chairman and CEO John Neill said: "Unipart is delighted to be working alongside Qoros. Our success in delivering a world class customer experience in China, which few UK based companies have been able to do so effectively, is premised on the knowledge and confidence that we can extend The Unipart Way – our philosophy that unlocks hidden potential in people.”

Kevin Phelps, Aftersales Director of Qoros commented: "This is an exciting time for Qoros and Unipart. Both companies are committed to outstanding customer service, and look forward to working together to building a successful dealer network.

“We are confident that we will deliver an exceptional experience for our customers. We are very happy that Unipart is there to support us on that journey".

The logistics contract is another major step forward in China for Unipart, and an important entry into the domestic Chinese automotive logistics arena.

Since 2008, Unipart has operated a rapidly expanding but specialised automotive aftersales supply chain business in China, which has supported significant volume growth for automotive clients into, and within, China.

The UK group will manage a dedicated Qoros aftersales warehouse in Changshu (Eastern China). From its Suzhou-based headquarters, Unipart will provide a turnkey solution covering forecasting right through to reverse logistics, warranty management and supply chain finance services.

Carl Williams, General Manager for Unipart (Suzhou) Logistics Co. Ltd., added: "We're hugely excited about the opportunity to work with Qoros. We are very fortunate to be at the start of the journey and to be able to design the most appropriate supply chain solution from the ground up.”

The Unipart Group is based in Oxford in the UK. For more information visit: www.unipart.com

Further information about the Qoros brand, the company and its products is available at http://www.qorosauto.com/en/. m


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