Norbert Dentressangle CEO makes 2013 predictions

By Freddie Pierce
Following the release of 2012s end-of-year financial results, Hervé Montjotin, CEO at Norbert Dentressangle (ND), claims the company has a simil...

Following the release of 2012’s end-of-year financial results, Hervé Montjotin, CEO at Norbert Dentressangle (ND), claims the company has a similar year to come, claiming the economic environment within the European logistics provider will “be comparable to 2012”.

In a video released on the company’s website, Montjotin claims that he expects ND has “a real capacity to grow whatever the economic context is”, outlining potential growth in the company’s geographical coverage, and in the further integration of the company’s current branches.

“If we focus on organic growth I’m absolutely sure that in 2013 we will take the benefit of the position we have reinforced in 2012... In freight forwarding it’s highly related to our capacity to connect well all our branches in order to take the full benefits of the network business in order to address innovative offers to our customers. In a nutshell, I would say in our hands we have a real capacity to grow whatever the economic context is,” he explained.

Economic Results

According to a statement releasing their end-of-year results, Norbert Dentressangle (ND) increased their before tax earnings (EBITA) by 9.1 percent to €142.3 million, in addition to maintaining a stable operating income margin of 3.7 percent of turnover.

The Group strengthened its international profile by acquiring John Keells Group’s freight forwarding activities in India/Sri Lanka, as well as Nova Natie’s logistics/freight forwarding activities in Antwerp, in addition to managed a significant financial debt reduction of 22 percent, with a leverage ratio of less than 2x at the close of the financial year.

Future Acquisitions

Montjotin also confirmed that ND is looking towards more acquisitions in the future, in line with the company’s “history, culture and skills”.

“Beyond the organic growth there are all the things related to acquisitions which are related to the ND history, culture and skills. For sure, having such a strong balance sheet, having this level of net debt at the end of 2012 will enable us to be very proactive in acquisitions if it makes sense strategy wise for one of our main businesses. So 2013 will be for sure a year where ND will progress in terms of acquisition in Europe and maybe outside Europe,” said Montjotin.


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