LogiScope can reduce logistics costs by up to 15 percent

By Freddie Pierce
Follow @SamJermy Follow @SupplyChainD Supply chain specialist Rocket Consulting has today launched a mobile logistics management application called Log...

Supply chain specialist Rocket Consulting has today launched a mobile logistics management application called LogiScope.  The new tool will help organisations to reduce logistics costs by an average of 12-15% as well as improve customer service.

Lewis Marston, CEO of Rocket Consulting explained. He said: “The logistics element of the supply chain is frequently challenging to optimise, as the supplier often does not have full control over the applications and services handling their products.  Also, logistics is rarely a focal point for improving customer service and experience.

Various tools to manage the separate elements have been available for many years.  However, LogiScope is the first time that these have been brought together under one roof to provide data at the right time and in context of the business process.  The result is real-time information that informs decision-making, improves customer service and drives down costs.”

The application has been developed in collaboration with SAP and ALK Technologies, market leaders in commercial vehicle routing and GPS navigation software, CoPilot® Professional. By providing end-to-end delivery and returns management information in real and right-time, LogiScope enables proactive decision-making.

Christopher Quin, director of business development, EMEA, ALK Technologies, said:

“At ALK Technologies, we are always keen to see CoPilot Professional integrated into new and exciting projects, especially ones with the breadth of market that LogiScope will address.  We have appreciated the dedication of Rocket Consulting in developing this application and look forward to the future success of LogiScope.”

More information is available on the LogiScope website: http://www.logiscope.co.uk/


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