ITW Warehouse Automation upgrades VTP Palletisers

By Freddie Pierce
ITW Warehouse Automation (ITWWA), the global supplier of fully-integrated warehousing solutions, has announced the latest improvements to its VTP Palle...

ITW Warehouse Automation (ITWWA), the global supplier of fully-integrated warehousing solutions, has announced the latest improvements to its VTP Palletisers and VPS software.

One of the industry’s most proven software platforms, ITWWA’s VPS software has been upgraded to enable pallet patterns to be changed in real-time with minimal effort required of employees or the robotic palletisers. In addition, the VTP Palletisers now operate up to 40% faster with the same flexibility and gentle product handling, according to the company.

“We are always looking for ways to provide customers with the most efficient warehousing solutions available,” says Jeff Stingel, Vice President of Sales, ITWWA. “These upgrades are an example of that commitment.”

The enhanced VPS software allows users to quickly and easily change pallet patterns without stopping production. Pallet patterns are built with the graphic user interface in the PC, where users simply input package sizes and number of cases on a pallet. The software displays the cases on the screen and users can arrange them as necessary and assign the pallet to start that pattern. VPS allows for an infinite number of flips or patterns- further ensuring greater productivity and load integrity

Powering all ITWWA solutions, from case picking and AS/RS to palletizing, VPS integrates seamlessly with all major WMS and routing software and provides web-based, real-time video viewing and remote monitoring. 

“Software is the fundamental building block for any successful warehouse automation solution,” says Stingel. “Our VPS software provides the accuracy and flexibility necessary to help our customers successfully achieve their automation needs.”

VPS also helps ITWWA’s VTP Palletisers take on more functions. The robotic palletisers can handle each case or SKU differently. VPS communicates to the robots whether cases are lighter or packaged in various materials so they can handle each accordingly.

About VTP Palletisers

ITWWA’s scalable systems have the ability to work multiple projects concurrently, are intuitive to use, and provide accurate data back to the warehouse control system. VTP Palletisers are SCF/ISO friendly, category 3 & 4 compliant and incorporate an easy to use graphic interface. ITWWA provides 24/7 customer support with all its products and services.


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