How will Amazon Dash affect the Internet of Things?

By Dale Benton
With news that Amazon is bringing its “thumb-sized” one button ordering device to the UK, we take a look at some of the things you need to k...

With news that Amazon is bringing its “thumb-sized” one button ordering device to the UK, we take a look at some of the things you need to know about Amazon Dash.

  • Amazon Dash, launched in May 2015 in the US, is a Wi-Fi connected device that enables customers to reorder an item quite simply at the press of a button
  • The buttons are only available to Amazon Prime customers
  • Customers can reorder products by connecting their Amazon Prime accounts to the buttons and once pressed an order will be placed for the product affiliated with the button
  • Previously only available within the U.S, Amazon Dash has now reached the UK as well as Germany and Austria
  • Amazon Dash will launch with 40 brands including washing tablets, toilet roll and instant coffee
  • The company plans to include products from
  • Each button will cost £4.99
  • Amazon Dash is being launched along with its sister project Dash Replenishment, in which devices such as printers or even water filters will automatically submit an order for new cartridges or filters.

Mark Skilton, a Professor of Practice at Warwick Business School and an expert on technology and the Internet of Things believes that for Amazon "It's all about grabbing the attention of people”

“The Amazon Dash button is such a device to grab the moment: should you need to reorder items such as washing powder, food or other items you have ran out of, it's quick and easy, one press to setup and go. It is not the Amazon Echo / Alexa system as there is no interaction with the user but it’s another step in the direction to automation when this will be ubiquitous.     

"To that extent I see the Dash button as only a temporary solution, but nevertheless a key step on the road to the connected world it promises, and of course more revenue for the likes of Amazon. It will be interesting how the other major retailers react to this."

"It is still the early days of what is called the 'Internet of Things', but it is going to be huge in the way everyday objects will become 'intelligent' and 'Smart' enabling interaction with people and between object to object 'talking' to one another to optimise various outcomes."

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