HGVTraining.co.uk becomes the market leader just three years after launch

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Since its formation in 2012, HGVTraining.co.uk has more than trebled its turnover, making it the largest provider of HGV training services in the UK. It...

Since its formation in 2012, HGVTraining.co.uk has more than trebled its turnover, making it the largest provider of HGV training services in the UK. It’s now set to continue this domination by expanding the corporate training arm of the business.

There is a UK shortage of HGV drivers and this is what promoted founders Gary Benardout and James Clifford to set up the business. The Freight Transport Association estimates that around 60,000 more drivers will be needed by 2020 as road logistics continues to be the backbone of UK commerce.

Benardout and Clifford aim to increase the company’s share in the market from its current 15% to 21% next year, and on to 33% in 2020.

While the company provides the highest levels of training direct to the consumer, its corporate training division is seeing the fastest levels of growth. HGVtraining.co.uk already works as the training arm of some of the largest logistics companies in the UK, but is looking to broaden its portfolio even further with the aim of becoming the UK’s number one corporate HGV trainer.

Benardout said: “Having a force of highly-trained drivers is critical to the success of logistics firms, or any firm with a logistics arm. Not only does it help to deliver new business contracts, it also means that drivers are operating efficiently and with the utmost safety.”

The reason its corporate training is growing so quickly is down to its focus on safety and efficiency. With so many HGVs involved in road accidents, it’s paramount truck drivers get the best possible training to help avoid these incidents.

HGVtraining.co.uk provides this high level of training but in 30% less time than competitors, this means that drivers have to spend less time away from work, therefore saving businesses money as well as filling the skills-gap more quickly.

While HGV driving might not be glamourous, the demand for these skilled workers means that a career in the industry has long-term prospects and plenty of training opportunities.

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