Global logistics institute CILT to rebrand

By Freddie Pierce
Follow @JosephWilkesWDM The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport(CILT) has announced it is to undergo a rebranding, and will be delivering a...

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) has announced it is to undergo a rebranding, and will be delivering a new message of ‘Stronger Together’ along with a new logo.

The Institute's new message 'Stronger Together' along with the new purple and gold global logo was launched in Dublin on September 16. The UK launch will be at the annual awards event on October 24 (see our events and tradeshows pages for information about this industry event).

CILT has offices in 31 countries and a presence in more than 100 worldwide. It provides an extensive education, training and professional networking platform for professionals across the globe.

The Institute’s new single brand and message are designed to introduce a global identity of trusted professionalism which will be visible wherever its members are on the planet.

The new CILT purple and gold global logo is hoped set to become a familiar sight everywhere in the world and the institute says the new brand will provide all members with the following benefits:
• Global recognition through a single brand image
• Globally accepted professional standards
• a first choice home for all supply chain, logistics and transport professionals wherever they are 

Commenting on the announcement, CILT President Dr Dorothy Chan, of Hong Kong University, said:“The launch of the new common brand across all nations shows to our members that we believe we are stronger together as one professional family and that we can draw on one another to add greater value to the organisations we represent.

“I am particularly excited that this new brand will enable us to deliver on our key growth strategies internationally and allow all of our members and wider stakeholders to take part in our strong future together.

“The Institute has for many years championed professionalism in each discipline that we represent and our chartered members and fellows have recognised that a stronger unified image will allow us to communicate our core values more easily across the globe. We are particularly proud that our values of integrity and professionalism have been recognised by governments, educationalists and industry alike.”

Keith Newton, the Institute’s international Secretary General, added: “Having spent my whole career working closely with the Institute I am certain that our new common identity, with its confident message ‘Stronger Together’, will unify and energise our activities and enable us to be the first choice professional body for everybody associated with the supply chain, logistics and transport across the world.”

(a video has been made of Dr Chan talking about the rebrand, click here to  view it)


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