GEFCO implements Descartes Route Optimisation software to improve tender and simulation process

By Dale Benton
A European leader in automotive logistics has deployed route optimisation software to enhance its tender and simulation processes. GEFCO, the European...

A European leader in automotive logistics has deployed route optimisation software to enhance its tender and simulation processes.

GEFCO, the European leading in automotive logistics and multimodal supply chain solutions, announced in a statement this week that it has partnered with Descartes Systems Group to implement and utilise its route optimisation software solutions.

The software will be used for the planning of its European logistics transport activity and GEFCO will also leverage the solution software to better respond to calls for tenders and to carry out internal studies.


"Descartes route optimisation software was originally conceived and designed to be deployed in an operational capacity within our regional businesses to manage collection and distribution rounds. We, however, have now adopted it for internal use at a corporate level, to respond to calls for tenders and support our regional business units by undertaking centralised optimisation studies," explains Charles Fouche, GEFCO’s Engineering & Optimisation Manager.

Through Descartes route optimisation software, GEFCO will be able to better understand the “unique constraints” of each customer, run route simulations and “formulate proposals which are much more precise and relevant, ultimately offering more value to customers.”

“In parallel, Descartes supports GEFCO’s optimisation studies on two levels: to rethink the scope of local intervention in an internationally planned schedule, and to help the company manage its grouping and fixed or semi-fixed transport plans, with Descartes determining the best routes by taking into account constraints in the field (traffic, accessibilities ...) as well as customers (schedules, delivery frequencies, delivery platform ...); the goal being to optimise GEFCO’s use of its own and external vehicles,” said Fouche. “Descartes’ software is very user friendly. It is logical to use and allows us to carry out detailed simulations that truly reflect operational reality.”




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